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Well, I asked Stephen if we were nesting this weekend, and he replied that maybe I was, and I was dragging him into it! haha! Anyway, we really cleaned our house this weekend. All rooms are cleaner than they’ve ever … Continue reading

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34 Weeks And Growing….

Man, I feel like I’ve really grown recently. Check out the difference in the pictures between 30, 32, and 34 wks. I seem to have “blossomed” at 34 weeks. Wow! Anyway, I added that, and I also added pictures from … Continue reading

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Getting Closer

Sorry I’ve been a little slow on getting another posting up since the last one. I’ve thought about it, but then didn’t do it. Anyway, we are almost 34 wks now! Crazy! We had a house full of folks last … Continue reading

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32 Weeks

Well, today I am 32 weeks preggo. Seems to be going really fast now! I had an appointment today and it was great. She’s still head down, which she has been for about 4 wks or so now. Hopefully, she’ll … Continue reading

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