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Squash and More Squash!

Do you think she enjoyed them?? Not sure how much she got down the chute on this attempt, but she sure did enjoy the adventure! Also, missy is becoming very proficient at pulling up on furniture, and is working on … Continue reading

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Army Crawl

Below is a short clip that we got of Abriella practicing her new army crawl! Watch out, here she comes!! I can’t believe she is 7 1/2 months already! Today, we spent some time trying to get her gates situated … Continue reading

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New Milestones (Edited)

So, I’ve posted some pics and videos, but haven’t really updated on what our munchkin is doing these days. So, she’s still not officially crawling. She goes backwards, and that makes her irritated. The last couple of days, she has … Continue reading

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Abriella Talking and Playing With Daddy

Look at all the posts I have put up lately! I’m making up for my lack of blogging lately. This video was just cute of Abriella talking and climbing on her daddy.  We just took this last night.  Hope you … Continue reading

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Some February Favorites…

Smiling While Playing Here Comes Trouble Relaxing in my Bath Smiling After Bath

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What Happens When…

the alarm that you’ve never used starts beeping at 4 in the morning?? BeforeAfter No more beeping!! Ah, peaceful sleep again… UGGH…the baby is up now!! Oh well! Sleep is overrated anyway!

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Finally, I get to the Tag… (for Kristi)

I was tagged quite a while back by Kristi. It’s taken me a bit of time to get to it, but here goes. The Rules: Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog. Share … Continue reading

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Video of Abriella

So, we’re testing this youtube thing. Here’s a video of Abriella from February 7th, right before she turned 7 months old. She was doing the splits really well right as we were starting to tape this. You only catch the … Continue reading

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So, she did it…she bit me while nursing! She’s lightly chomped down a couple of times, but this morning before church, it was more of a BITE! OUCH! She drew a little blood, but it thankfully wasn’t too bad since … Continue reading

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