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Our Crazy Baby!

So, after a long time of trying (and not succeeding), Abriella FINALLY likes her swing AND a pacifier! HAHA! Unfortunately, this is too little, too late! But, it’s pretty funny nonetheless. She likes to get in her swing after her … Continue reading

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I Have the Greatest Husband!

Yep, I do. I’m so thankful for Stephen and how hard he works for us. I sometimes find being a stay-at-home Mommy very challenging and frustrating. Don’t get me wrong! I LOVE being able to stay home with Abriella. I … Continue reading

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This is how Abriella says “night-night” which we say before naps and at bedtime. Well, Abriella kind of got off on the wrong foot with naps this week, and it started catching up with her by Wednesday. So, on Wed, … Continue reading

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First Steps, New Teeth, Sleeping through the WHOLE night, and more…

Sorry for being lazy in posting the last few days. Several things are new in our casa. Abriella took her first official steps on Wednesday (11 months, 2 days). She took 3 steps…falling into her daddy’s arms on the last … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to My Dear, Sweet Husband!!

Today is Stephen’s 28th birthday. For those that keep up, yes, I am older than he is. I’m wiser, too! HAHA! Anyway, I’m so thankful for Stephen and grateful to be spending another birthday with him. We kept it simple … Continue reading

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So, the Saga Continues…

Well, we have definitely changed the tune in the way we take naps around here! It went from lots of protesting on day #1 to good naps, to now, where we seem to think there is something extremely funny and … Continue reading

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