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ABC’s Tag

My friend Amanda put this on her blog and tagged me to do the same. So, here goes. ABC’s A. Attached or Single? Attached B. Best Friend? My husband, Stephen C. Cake or Pie? Pie all the way–chocolate is probably … Continue reading

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I think I’ll just do a post with pictures primarily. Just a quick update on the toddler. She has really been toddling around lately. It’s really cute. I don’t know when you officially call them “walking.” She started taking unassisted … Continue reading

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Family Reunion 2008

It’s a whole lot of work to take a near one y/o away on a trip. First, there are the plane trips. She was great when she was 6 months old. Well, 6 months later…she’s quite interested in EVERYTHING on … Continue reading

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Only A Tired Mom…

would do what I did the other day on our way home from Colorado. I just had to put this post in before I forgot it. Stephen and I cracked up for quite a while over this one. So, we … Continue reading

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Warning: Long Post #1 to Follow

So, you just have to have a long post for the end of the first year, right? Right. Well, I’ll start from the beginning…well, not THAT far back (get your minds out of the gutter, people!). On July 8th, it … Continue reading

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One Year Ago…

at 12:50 am, our precious Abriella Grace Joyner entered the world. I can’t believe at this time (as I type) last year, we were already back home from the birth center, and we had in our arms a 13 1/2 … Continue reading

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