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I know, I know…

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. So, my excuses are as follows: Olympics. Olympics. Post-olympics recovery. Then, after that, I guess you’d have to say laziness. Oh wait, I did work in there too. So, it’s not … Continue reading

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Another Pic by Melissa and Other Ramblings

So, Melissa keeps teasing me by sending me these pictures of Abs. I’m looking forward to seeing ALL of them. Thank you, Melissa, for your great work!! You are ssooo talented! So, Abriella is walking (and running) all over the … Continue reading

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New Pictures

My good friend, Melissa, takes awesome pictures. She’s not a professional, but I think she might as well be! She offered to take pictures of Abriella so she could get some more “practice,” (she CLEARLY needs it! ha!) as she … Continue reading

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Looking Back #2

This is months three, four, and five. Abriella continued to change so much! During this time, we lost Gram (Pam). We were so blessed by her, and continue to be with all the memories. I’m so glad Abriella was blessed … Continue reading

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Looking Back

So, I’m working on slideshows for Abriella’s first year of life. This may bore some of you, but it’s a way I can remember it in a special way, and share with you as well. There will be several slideshows … Continue reading

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First Birthday Party

It was great! Abriella had lots of friends out to the church gym to play and celebrate her first birthday! There were balloons, bubbles, toys, cake, cupcakes, and so much more! Abriella Grace, we love you, and are so glad … Continue reading

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