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Please check out Holly and Aaron’s latest info on their unborn daughter. God is working and hears those prayers! Thank you, God! Please keep healing this little girl!

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Christmas Pictures

Here are the proofs from our photo shoot with Sara’s Studio if you are interested. Go to her site, click on the session proofing, and type in joyner (all lowercase). We got some cute ones, I think.

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According to a test of mixing my pee with sodium hydroxide this morning, we are going to have another girl Joyner! Let me explain. Stephen’s cousin, Holly, is married to Aaron, who has a PhD in Biochemistry. So, he had … Continue reading

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Trial Run at Pictures

So, Abriella had a full 20 minute nap in the car today. That’s all she had ALL DAY, and we were to have pictures taken today by Sara of Sara’s Studio (check that site out…you might even recognize a few … Continue reading

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5 Years!

Yesterday, Stephen and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years! And, to me, the reason is not that wow, it’s “already” been 5 years, but actually that really, it’s “only” been 5 years?! I … Continue reading

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Don’t Play Hide-n-Seek With…

Abriella if it involves objects! Let me explain. So, yesterday, Stephen didn’t have to go to work because he’d had a very long mock disaster recovery exercise in Dallas on Tuesday with work. He didn’t get home until around 1am. … Continue reading

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It just warms my heart in a special way when I hear that word from my baby girl! She’s known how to say this for a long time, but she has chosen to call me Da-da instead up until a … Continue reading

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