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Thoughts on Pregnancy

So, here I am at 2 days past when I delivered last time…slightly more, if you consider that I BARELY made it to 37 weeks last time. So, I thought I’d share what I’m thinking at this time. So, I’ve … Continue reading

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37 Weeks

Well, I had another appointment today. The question is whether this guy is going to be an April or May baby at this point. So, today, I’m dilated to 3-4 (closer to 4 cm), still 80% effaced, and he’s lower, … Continue reading

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Catching Up

So, there are a lot of pictures that I haven’t posted. So, I’ll go back and try to pick a few to give you an idea of what Abriella has been up to over the last few months. First, here … Continue reading

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I think we’re about as ready as we can be for Mr. Colby. I am so proud of myself …well, with a LOT of help from Stephen. I’ve washed, cleaned, organized, put away, written thank you cards, etc, until I … Continue reading

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36 Weeks and Counting…

Well, I’m 36 weeks pregnant today. I really like getting to this point for the fact that they will deliver me at the birth center after this point, so that takes a load off of my mind. Plus, the obvious … Continue reading

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Easter 2009

What a beautiful day today has turned out to be!! It was cloudy, rainy, and cool yesterday, and we had thunderstorms overnight. Currently, it’s mid-70s outside and the sun is shining! What a glorious day! After church, we went to … Continue reading

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“Mr. Bunny”

First off, happy 21 months to Abriella today!! I can’t believe she’ll be two years old in 3 months!! So, anyway, we visited the Easter Bunny today at the mall. Abriella somehow thought she needed to call him “Mr. Bunny,” … Continue reading

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