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Birthday Post, Part 2

We ended up opening the gifts at home rather than at the party. All the kids were having too much fun to be bothered by sitting watching someone else open up presents! It’s a good thing we made this choice, … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday


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Birthday Post, Part I

WARNING: LOTS OF PICTURES!! DON’T SAY I DIDN’T WARN YOU!! So, I have a lot of pictures (and, I’m in NONE of them—not a single picture of me with my daughter on her 2nd birthday!!), so I’ll try to do … Continue reading

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Latest Stats

I will do a post dedicated to Abriella’s birthday soon, but the battery on the camera died while I was uploading pics so not all of them are on the computer yet. But, never fear, I will add a couple … Continue reading

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Two “Minutes” Old!

So, this is what you say you are now! Sigh. You laugh when you do it, so I’m sure you’re doing it on purpose now! Anyway, Little Miss Abriella, you turned 2 years old at 12:50am this morning. What a … Continue reading

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2 Months

Yesterday, Colby turned 2 months old! He’s becoming such a big boy! We don’t have his pedi well visit until next Monday, so that he can join his sister for her 2 year appointment (which I also delayed over the … Continue reading

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For My (ungrateful) Readers

There are a few readers out there that will remain nameless (David & my Mom to name a couple) that are unappreciative of my non-pictured blogs! Hmmpf is all I have to say to you people! But, I will add … Continue reading

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Sorry for not posting some sooner. Here, Abriella was running through “rain” of the water hose. Gotta keep cool somehow! Oh, and she thought it would be fun to rub some dirt on her swimsuit. Fabulous! Then, she got ahold … Continue reading

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