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Easter Weekend -part 1

We drove to see my mom and Rickey and family on Friday. On Friday night, we had a cookout, complete with chicken legs, ribs, and hamburgers! If you didn’t have enough to eat, it wasn’t for lack of food! Whew! … Continue reading

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Easter Joy??

I have to say it’s pretty funny that this says “Easter Joy! 2011”  as Colby doesn’t seem to be the picture of joy here! HA! And, yes, Abriella does have a band-aid on her head. More on that story later. … Continue reading

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Preschool Egg Hunt

Today was Abriella’s egg hunt at preschool. I hesitated to go because of Colby’s desire to always do everything his sister does—figured he might get in the way. So, when I finally decided to go, we were a few minutes … Continue reading

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Potty. Tee-Tee.

These are the two words that we hear around here from Colby’s mouth. Often. This crazy boy wants to sit on the potty all the time. Many would say this is a great first step towards potty training. I suppose. … Continue reading

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Colorful Playroom–Check

I finished painting the playroom upstairs! I have to say it is the room I am most proud of painting. I think it looks really good. I ended up getting different paint for the primary walls. The other just ended … Continue reading

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Here at the Joynerzone, we are officially debt-free besides our house mortgage!! We used our tax refund this year along with a little bit of our savings to pay off the remaining balance of my grad school loan, which was … Continue reading

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Painting Again!

So, back in January, I got on a painting kick. Our house has flat paint on all the walls, which just ends up looking real grungy, real quick, especially with kids! If you try to clean it up, you just … Continue reading

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Today, I celebrate the anniversary of my birth. Ah, I remember it like it was yesterday! HA! So kidding. This morning, the kids gave me their presents. Stephen took them to the store the other day, and they picked out … Continue reading

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The Dreaded Climber

So, a few months ago, Colby somehow ended up outside of his crib during naptime once. There was weeping and wailing, so I don’t think it was very graceful, and it probably hurt his pride and maybe his body a … Continue reading

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Final Week of Gymnastics

So, last week was Abriella’s 4th Tiny Tots gymnastics class. She did great! I am impressed that she learned and improved as much as she did in 4 classes that were a week apart. Actually, there were even two weeks … Continue reading

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