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Preschool Spring Program

Abriella is about to finish up her year at preschool. She has one more week with her beloved teacher, Mrs. Kendra. When asked on Tuesdays and Thursdays what she was most thankful for that day, she always says, “Going to … Continue reading

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Colby Clapping

Last night, Abriella had her Spring program at preschool. Stephen and I got a kick out of Colby. Stephen got a cute little clip of Colby while he was watching one of the performances. Enjoy! I’ll get the video of … Continue reading

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Video of Hope

I don’t usually post things outside what is going on in our little family. But, I ran across this video link on another blog I read, and I felt this was very worthy of sharing. This is a true story … Continue reading

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Cupcakes and Gifts

After we got home from the zoo, we let Colby open his gifts. He had a great time! He got some sound puzzles, popzooka (or something) gun, power tools, knight hat, take-a-part tractor, and a race track (this gift was … Continue reading

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Oh Buddy!

So, we have already established that Colby can climb in and out of his crib. He has yet to do this when he was supposed to be staying in there to sleep, so that is a blessing. He has, however, … Continue reading

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Zoo Trip

For Colby’s birthday, we had already decided a few weeks before that we would go to the zoo with the kids. David and Janet were unexpectedly able to join us for the weekend, and that just made it extra enjoyable … Continue reading

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2 Year Stats and Video

Colby had his 2 yr well-visit appointment on Monday. He weighs 28.4 lbs (50%), is 34.25 inches long (60%), and head is 48 cm (25-50%). So, he’s just about smack dab in the middle! Perfect! He checked out great! He … Continue reading

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Muffins with Moms

On Thursday, in honor of the upcoming Mother’s Day, Abriella’s preschool had “Muffins with Moms.” I went, tried to keep Colby from making a royal mess, enjoyed a bit of muffin, and received a gift from Abriella (that she wanted … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Buddy!

Today is Colby’s 2nd Birthday! I can’t believe it’s already been 2 years!! Here is the link back to his first pictures on the blog for a reminder of how little he once was! Wow, how time flies! We … Continue reading

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Jumping and Frogs

I’m on a roll here with the videos! You grandparents should have plenty of material to enjoy for a few days with all the posts I’ve done today! Stephen taped these today. Cracked me up. Colby’s counting on the first … Continue reading

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