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Wordless Wednesday

(alternately titled: Let’s See Who Still Reads This Blog!)

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Gymnastics and Water Parks

Here are some more videos of Abriella’s 2nd week of gymnastics. She really is enjoying it! We have signed her up for the “unlimited” plan in July, which means she can go to as many classes as she wants. We’ll … Continue reading

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Busy Month

I feel like I’ve just been traveling this week! On Friday through Sunday, I was out of town with about 20 ladies from church for a little weekend retreat/time with God. I wasn’t really in the mood to go (strange, … Continue reading

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I realize that I haven’t posted in over a week! Sorry about that! I will try to get something of substance up this weekend. I was out of town last weekend. Came back on Sunday and then left town again … Continue reading

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#2 Success

Well, if your mind went to the gutter, then you’re right. I am talking poop. As I’ve said in a previous post, Colby was doing good on the teetee in the potty, but not real good on the pooping. He … Continue reading

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For your viewing pleasure

Here are a couple of short videos. The first one is of the kids jumping in their little pool on Saturday. This just cracks me up. Colby jumps and lands smack-dab on his bottom. There is an aired up cushion … Continue reading

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What a big week for the buddy!

Well, as if potty training wasn’t enough of a change this week, now we have converted his crib to the toddler bed. We didn’t use the crib this way with Abriella. We just bought her another bed since we were … Continue reading

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Potty Training??

Crazy buddy. I’m going to document this just so I can remember. So, the buddy has always had a sensitive bum. He’ll be good for a long time, and then he’ll get a bout of frequent poops and then his … Continue reading

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Pinkeye anyone?

So, I mentioned in the last post that Abriella had pinkeye. Well, hers cleared up without any medication. Unfortunately, a few days later, on Sunday, Stephen’s eyes started mucking up. He woke up on Monday with one eye matted closed. … Continue reading

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