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Fearless Superheroes!

So, as documented previously, Colby often dresses up in princess clothes, as that is about all we have as far as dress up clothes around here—-hazards of having an older sister. Stephen has been asking me to get him some … Continue reading

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Joyner Baby #3

Here is a sweet profile picture of our baby. Baby is measuring perfectly on target and every thing looks perfectly normally developed at this time! Praise God! We asked not to find out the gender, so when the tech was … Continue reading

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First Week of School

Here we are at the end of the first week of preschool for the munchkins. They go 2 days a week from 9-2:30.  I’d say the week has been a success! Here are pics from the first day of school. … Continue reading

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Eeensy Weensy Kicks

Today, I am 16 3/7 wks along. Last weekend, at just over 15 wks, I started feeling some tiny taps. I have felt them daily at some point all week, primarily when I am laying still in bed at night. … Continue reading

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Preschool Meet the Teacher 2011

Today, we had the greatly anticipated Meet the Teacher at preschool for both kids!! It’s going to be so weird having both of my kids in preschool from 9-2:30 every Tuesday and Thursday! But, wow, how nice will that be?! … Continue reading

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