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Funny Picture

This picture was taken a few weeks ago. Colby loves to dress up…in anything! This particular outfit consisted of …well, see for yourself! And, yes, that is a huge bruise on his forehead. He can’t seem to go more than … Continue reading

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Texas Bluebonnets

This year, I finally got pictures of our kids with the state flower, the bluebonnet. I have always had aspirations to do such, but I always wait too long, or some crazy rain/hail storm comes and it’s too wet to … Continue reading

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2 Months

Ridley is 2 months old, as of  Thursday! I took him to his well-check, and he checked out pretty well! He does have a stuffy nose, which we knew, and the doctor suggested I get some saline to put in … Continue reading

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Graduation Picture

The pre-K class had their graduation pictures taken the week before Spring Break. So, my friend is the one that takes the pictures at their preschool. She sent me a little sneak peek of our big 4 year old. This … Continue reading

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Catch up on pictures

I am terribly behind on pictures in Ridley’s short life!  He has moved upstairs to his room now. He has been there 3 nights now. He’s been sleeping a little bit better up there. I think he likes having more … Continue reading

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Happy One Month!

Ok, I’m a little behind on posting this. Ridley was 1 month old on the 22nd of February! I meant to post this back then, but life got in the way! I guess that’s how it goes with 3 kids! … Continue reading

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