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Colby’s Crowns

Here is Colby as they were setting him up yesterday morning. Does that make you as claustrophobic as it does me just looking at it??  I knew they were going to use a papoose board for him, and it made … Continue reading

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Prayer Request

I know this is a bit last minute, since I doubt  many of you check blogs this late at night. BUT, anyway, please say a prayer for Mr. Colby. He is getting 4 crowns tomorrow morning (on Wednesday). Four molars … Continue reading

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Here’s my public service announcement regarding carseats. I know a lot of us are ready to “simplify” or “save money” when it comes to car seats and booster seats. Please watch this video to see for yourself how this is … Continue reading

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3 Months!

This here is our sweet baby boy yesterday at 3 months! What is he doing now at 3 months, you ask? Oh, you didn’t ask. Well, I’ll put it down anyway! 🙂 * Smiling all the time! Of course, couldn’t … Continue reading

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Mr. Ridley – Smiles Caught on Camera

We have been trying to get some good smiles on camera of this little guy. We usually just enjoy his smiles, and by the time we think about the camera, he is done with smiling. haha! So, today, I caught … Continue reading

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Easter Pictures

Here are a few pictures that we took on Easter Sunday! Thank you to Gammy for the outfits for the kids! Stephen and I wore prior Easter outfits, and they actually seemed to coordinate with the kids fairly well! And, … Continue reading

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Easter Bunny Visits, Past and Present

Aw, how the years bring change to our kids. We visit Santa and the Easter bunny every year,  just to see the change in our kids from year to year. It really is pretty fun to watch them smile, cry, … Continue reading

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