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A few pictures of Ridley

Sweet potatoes, anyone?? If you look closely, you can see his 2 little toothies on the bottom. Who couldn’t love a little guy with those baby blues?! I believe he’s about to be upgrading his army crawl to hands and … Continue reading

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7 Months

Ridley is 7 months old today! Wow! And, he sure has had a big month. The little guy is making some big moves in the mobility category! I’ll post a video in a second. Here is a couple of pictures … Continue reading

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Well, we haven’t fallen off of the face of this earth as it may seem. Just been getting ready for our big schooling adventure! I’ve been setting up our office as a school room, complete with a white board that … Continue reading

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Gummy smile, no more

I need to document this before I forget when this happened. Ridley’s first tooth cut through on Friday, July 27th, at 6 months 5 days–his bottom left tooth. He’s right in standing with his siblings. Abriella got her first teeth … Continue reading

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All Things Five

This was written on July 12th, so some of this information is slightly outdated now, but I’m leaving as-is. 🙂 Abriella is enjoying being five. HA! Took her to the doctor on Monday for her well-visit. She weighed 38 lbs, … Continue reading

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