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First Tooth Fairy Visit!

Well, it finally happened! Abriella came and told me she thought she had a loose tooth. Lo and behold, she did! This picture is proof taken on June 23rd. She was taking swimming lessons during this time, and it was … Continue reading

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Colby’s 4th Birthday

In May, we had Colby’s first ever friends birthday party for Colby’s 4th birthday. He was so excited! I rented a Toy Story bounce house, therefore, the theme became Toy Story! HA! That’s how things work with me. We kept … Continue reading

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18 Months

Ridley turned 18 months on July 22nd! Can’t believe he is a year and a half old! Here is his monthly chair picture. Here’s what he’s been up to in the last month: *walking and practically running all over the … Continue reading

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17 months (a little late)

Here is Ridley on his 17 month day on June 22nd. I sat him in the chair and this is the first picture I took as he knew just what to do! He has been growing a lot lately! He … Continue reading

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