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So, here I am at 2 days past when I delivered last time…slightly more, if you consider that I BARELY made it to 37 weeks last time. So, I thought I’d share what I’m thinking at this time. So, I’ve been wondering how this pregnancy would end for quite a while (uh, the entire pregnancy). Would I deliver at 37 again, or would I go to 42 weeks this time? The final answer to that is yet to be revealed (well, obviously, we’ve passed 37). I have been trying to mentally prepare for the latter, but knew it would be a challenge once we got past 37 weeks.  I have many friends, one who shall not remain nameless, who secretly openly wish me to go to at least 40 weeks, but would be happy thrilled to see me go to 42 weeks. Thanks friend!

With the first pregnancy, I never had that anticipation that many have as they become full term of “when will I deliver?” I was totally caught off guard when my water broke and Abriella raced into the world. Honestly, I felt behind for quite a while after she was born. I just wasn’t really mentally prepared for her yet. Don’t get me wrong. I was thrilled to have her here, but I felt like I was behind for many months after she was born. Some of that was just being a new mom, but I think a lot of it was because she came when she did.  Now, I get to experience that anticipation. It’s kind of exciting, but I’m sure that will wear off before too long, especially as this pregnancy continues further away from that 37 weeks.

I know that he will come when he’s ready, and I truly desire that! I preach that all the time to my patients. Yep, it comes full circle now, as I must remember my own advice to be patient. (I can see Beth shaking her head whole heartedly right now). I want him to be healthy, and I also know that little white boys definitely don’t need to be rushed into the world. They are like the wimpiest if they come before they’re ready. Just because he’s technically full-term at 37 weeks doesn’t mean he thinks he’s ready to be here. And, size doesn’t matter either. Healthy sized babies can have just as much of a hard time breathing as smaller ones if they aren’t ready.

I am guessing (and it’s hard to guess on yourself) that Colby is already about 7 pounds right now. Mind you, Abriella was 6-6 when she was born. I also know that babies grow about 1/2 pound to 1 pound a week in the last month, so that causes me to pause a bit as I pass each day. That is something that makes me a little nervous. But, once again, I do believe that given the right support and environment, rarely is there a baby that is too big to go through a woman’s pelvis. Being at a birth center is definitely a plus for me. I have to trust my body’s ability to birth a baby, no matter the size.

I also know that your cervix can do whatever it pleases during pregnancy. If it wants to be 4/80%/0 for weeks, it certainly can do that. I am reminded of the patient a couple of years ago who dilated a little each week, and was at 8 cm in the clinic, but still not in labor. (FYI, just because your cervix is dilated to something does NOT mean you’re in labor). So, to avoid a chaotic precipitous delivery, the decision was made to go ahead and give this woman a little bit of pitocin to just give her body a little push to go ahead and deliver this baby in a controlled situation. Well, it took a really long time to actually get this lady into labor. I’m talking HOURS people. So, anything is possible when a cervix is involved! (I know that paragraph probably was way TMI for some people out there!).

Honestly, I feel good right now too. Since Colby dropped even lower in the pelvis, my pain in my upper right side is gone to the point that I don’t wear my support belt at all. Yes, it’s a bit uncomfortable in the pelvis, but I can handle it. Ah, and my belly button is just now poking out a little bit. That never happened with Abriella, so that’s kind of funny to see on myself. And, yes, it’s frustrating to not be as mobile right now, and there are many things that I don’t enjoy in pregnancy, but that’s par for the course in pregnancy. I can hear myself in my head telling so many patients this information.

I’m so thankful to be able to get pregnant and to have such an active baby growing inside me. What an amazing miracle! I pray that he and I continue to be healthy and that when the time is right, God will give me and him a very safe and uneventful labor and delivery. I’m looking forward to meeting Colby Nathaniel Joyner!

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