The Birth Story

Well, it’s truly a very short story, so this shouldn’t take too long, but I’ll make a short story long! HAHA! So, as I had written in a previous post, I had my membranes stripped the morning of the 5th, and the midwife told me I was 4+ cm dilated (a “stretchy 4”). I went walking after the appointment in Austin trying to get something started. No such luck. I never had anything other than maybe some stronger Braxton Hicks contractions, and they stopped altogether, so I went home. I just carried on, cooking supper for the company and cleaning up around the house. Still nothing.

After supper, Stephen and I went walking (might’ve looked more like a waddling shuffle to onlookers), like we have been doing every night since my walking partner has been out of town. Still nothing except Braxton Hicks, but I always get those when I’m walking, and I’ve been walking the entire pregnancy, so I guess my body didn’t see anything special about the walking. Anyway, came home, took a shower, and decided I needed to lay down at 9pm for a short nap. I had a bit of a tension headache, so I took some Tylenol. Well, Stephen and I finally went to bed around 10:30.

Sleeping is such a difficult thing in pregnancy. You can’t bend and you feel huge, so turning is such an ordeal and trying to get comfortable and breath at the same time is always a challenge. Plus, my pelvis had felt like it was going to split in two everytime I turned for a few weeks already, but even more so the last couple of weeks. So, needless to say, I wasn’t asleep at 11:30. This is when the fun began!

All of a sudden, I started having painful contractions in my back. And, when I say “all of a sudden,” it really was just like that. There was no build up or anything. They started coming every 2-3 minutes from the get go. Well, about 10 or so minutes into that, I heard and felt what sounded like 2 bones grating against each other in my uterus. It was an eerie sound and feeling. Then, I had this tremendous contraction immediately. Then, I realized Colby wasn’t moving, and that kind of scared me. I started having all of these visions of ruptured uterus, him breaking his neck inside, or what not (it’s funny what knowledge, too much pain, and fatigue will make you think!).  So, I laid there for a minute, but finally got up and grabbed my doppler.

I went into the bathroom and listened to Colby, and of course, he was fine. I noticed at this point that I was having some bloody show, but I figured it still could be from having my cervix checked earlier. Well, contractions were still coming, so I started to put some makeup on (odd, I know), but I thought maybe I could go lay down and see if they continued, but I could leave some makeup on in case we needed to leave. Well, I never finished putting my makeup on, and I went and told Stephen that I thought we should think about going to the birth center.

He hopped out of bed so quick and was throwing clothes on and he didn’t question me once. Just agreed wholeheartedly. I told him that I had started having some fairly painful contractions, so I thought we should be on the safe side. I told him that if they stopped on the way, we could just turn around. He was all for it.

So, at this point, I had been having contractions about 15 minutes! We told Stephen’s dad and my brother that we were going to go to the birth center. Stephen started to call the answering service for the birth center as we pulled out of the driveway, but I told him to not call them yet, as I wasn’t sure this was it or not, but he had already dialed, but then hung up, so I know we were pulling out of our driveway at 11:48pm (by looking at my call record). I told him that we could call when we got to I-35.

Well, that he did, and the midwife called back and said they’d be ready for us. I was in the back of the mini-van where I’d placed a comforter and body pillow a couple of weeks earlier to prep for laboring in the vehicle. So, as we drove, I told Stephen that these contractions were all in my back just like my labor with Abriella, so I figured this possibly was it. Plus, the fact that they hurt like nothing else kind of clued me in! This was the first time I’d had real back contractions this entire pregnancy, so I figured we were doing something for real. I just always doubt myself because I don’t want to be THAT MIDWIFE that goes to be checked and is NOT in labor.

Anyway, the contractions continued to come every 2-3 minutes almost the entire drive, but I don’t think they were lasting a full minute most of the time, so of course, I was still doubting the labor diagnosis. But, the more I moaned and grunted in the back, Stephen was sure! He was stepping on the gas peddle harder and harder as we went and was giving encouragement from the front seat. At one point, we slowed down, and I looked up and was NOT happy to see that we were stopping due to lane closures on the freeway for road construction in the middle of the night! I was really starting to have a hard time at this point.

Then, we started going again, and then I looked up and asked Stephen where he was going! He was not on the right road. Mind you, Stephen hasn’t gone with me to any of my appointments this pregnancy, so he was a little unsure of the route, because there is a toll road now that takes off some time. Well, he took the wrong exit, and then was trying to get back onto the right course. At this point, I was a little bit ugly towards him and all the while, trying to help him back on course too! I was thinking we were going to have a baby in the car now, and I wasn’t really fond of the idea anymore, I guess.

Anyway, we finally made it onto the right road and after Stephen ran a few red lights, we made it to the birth center. I told him, “Let me out of the back!!” and he raced to open the back. I got out and made it to the front door and I banged on the door really loudly as I didn’t know the code to get in (it was on a paper in the car). The midwife came running, but then a huge contraction hit, and she’s standing there at the door trying to help me in, Stephen is standing behind me, and I’m hunkered over moaning and groaning through a contraction.

I looked at the midwife (same midwife who was at Abriella’s delivery and who I saw at my appointment the day before—I bonded with her the last pregnancy, and she had placed herself on call for my delivery whenever it happened, which thrilled me) and said something to the effect of “this better be it, Lauren!” I had said something similar when I showed up in labor with Abriella and she cracked up then about it too. Anyway, I was also complaining about how it was all in my back again! Anyway, she told me that she didn’t think there was any question about it being labor. So, we walked quickly in before another one hit, and I raced to the potty to pee. She asked me if my water had broken, and I said I didn’t know, because I knew I was dripping a little, but I wasn’t sure if it was blood or what.

Anyway, she told me to get wherever I wanted to, so I flopped onto the bed sideways for her to check me, and she told me I was complete, and that she didn’t feel my amniotic sac, so indeed my water had broken. (I figure that must’ve been what was occurring when I heard/felt those bone grating noises, but I didn’t have a gush of water because his head was so low.) She asked where I wanted to be, and I told her I really wanted to be in the water, so she and another midwife that was there (the one that was actually on call who just came in for the fun, I guess) started filling up the tub. But, then I started a contraction and I started pushing like there was no tomorrow. They asked if I wanted to move after that contraction, but I couldn’t at that point, and then another contraction came pretty immediately, and I started pushing again. At this point, Lauren started giving me all kinds of directions to stop pushing, give little pushes, etc, to slow me down as his head came out.

The burning, the pain…WOW! So intense, but then his head was out just like that, and sweet relief! Then, I gave another little push and he was completely out and was on my tummy. So, at 12:56am on May 6th, we had Colby Nathaniel Joyner join us! It was the fastest, most intense thing that has ever happened to me!I tore a little bit, but nothing that required any stitches as it wasn’t even bleeding. Sad that I missed my water birth again!!

So, in just under 1 1/2 hours, we had a baby! OH MY! And, to think I was still worried about showing up and Lauren telling me I was only like 5 or 6 cm! The beauty of this birth is that I felt GREAT afterwards! With Abriella, I was so sore and swollen for weeks afterwards because I pushed for nearly 2 hrs with her and she crowned for 45 minutes of that time! This time, he was out in no time! I wasn’t sore all over, I didn’t feel like everything “down there” was hanging out, and I felt normal. I feel great! No pain except for some lovely cramping in my uterus when nursing that is much worse than I had with Abriella. I know that is often the case with each subsequent baby as that uterus tries to get back down to normal size again. What cracks me up is that I’m complaining about some CRAMPING now!

Anyway, Stephen and I rested with Colby in the bed for a few hours while we recovered, and then we were on the road home at 6:30am (5 1/2 hrs after he was born). We went through a McDonald’s for some grub just like we did after we had Abs, and were back at home at 7:30 am. Abriella had just woken up and she got to meet her new brother. I’ll have to tell you how that has gone in another post. Fun times!

So, there’s my short labor story that I managed to make into a really long story!! Hope you enjoy. If not, well, I have it documented for myself! HAHA!

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