More Pictures

I have realized we don’t take nearly as many pictures of Colby as we did with Abriella. Oops. I’m going to try and do better, but I know this is a common problem. Don’t I know…I was the 2nd child.  Anyway, here are some more for your enjoyment.

We had an almost identical picture of Abriella like this next one after the sunbathing for a little jaundice:

Ok, that’s all for now. Colby doesn’t really look like Abriella at this point. They definitely look like siblings, but their baby pics really aren’t much more alike than that.

Anyway, I just realized I’m hardly in any of these pictures. Isn’t that always the problem? Mom takes all the pictures and never is in any of them. Sigh. Well, enjoy the pictures. Maybe I’ll get me in some of them soon…

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