Mother’s Day – May 10, 2009

We made it to church today on Mother’s Day. What a great day for me to have my 2 little munchkins here and for them to both be healthy! Abriella is now 22 months old (as of yesterday) and Colby is 4 days old today. It brought some tears of joy to my eyes when I was talking to Stephen about how blessed we are. I’m sure there are some postpartum hormones involved there, but nonetheless, I am so incredibly blessed! Thank you, God.

Here are some pictures that we took before church this morning (making us late, of course). I’m putting pretty much all of them on here, just to remember how “fun” it is to try to get a good family picture of four.

I’m so blessed to have my Mom here this week, too. I’m going to be sad when she leaves early this week. I will get to see how it is taking care of two on my own during the day. Thankfully, Colby is a really good baby at this point! We truly can’t complain. I pray he stays this good, but we’ll see.

Abriella is doing much better. She loves Colby, but she was really showing out, throwing fits, crying at the drop of a hat, etc. We were trying to give her a little bit of grace as this is a huge change for her. However, I decided to hunker down on her a little more, and have been putting her in time-out for these things (she would’ve been put in time-out for them previously as well), and she seems to be doing a lot better. One huge blessing is that she has been sleeping great despite all the changes. I know many children start waking a lot when a new baby comes, but her sleeping has actually seemed to get even better since he arrived. Maybe it’s a coping mechanism for her! haha! Who knows, but we’ll take it! She wants to know where baby Colby is every morning and she gives him kisses and tells him she loves him all the time. We asked her if we could keep him in our house, and she said yes! Thank goodness! haha! Today, she was the best ever, and I just felt so happy today with what God has blessed me with. I just can’t stress that enough! God is good!

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom and to all the mothers out there!!

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