One Week

I can’t believe it’s already been one week since Colby was born. You just forget how fast time flies! He is such a good baby! I had heard about those babies that slept all the time and rarely cried, but didn’t really think they existed…until now! I hope I’m not jinxing myself by saying that. However, he really is a great baby thus far. He’s very content and laid back. I really hope he stays that way. He is sleeping in the bed between Stephen and I at night, and he hardly makes a peep all night long. He’s such a quiet sleeper. He has been waking up only once at night to eat, and I usually wake up before he does for that feeding. He doesn’t cry, but just starts moving around a little bit and making some noise. He only gets upset with some diaper changes and when you change his clothes. It’s not the baby Stephen or I are used to! We’ll certainly take it though!!!

Today made the second day of me here with both kids by myself. Yesterday… I did not enjoy. Abriella got lots of spankings, time-outs, and heart-to-heart talks with Mommy. It was not our best day for sure. Today was MUCH better. We only had a few time-outs and she was just a more pleasant child–getting more to her typical self. She’s just trying to figure out where her standing is now. She LOVES Colby though! She asks about him first thing in the morning and after her nap. She wants to go find him. She gives him kisses on his head all day long, pats him, and tells him, “Good morning, Colby.” I suppose he does sleep a lot, so when he wakes up, she figures it’s a fine time to tell him good morning! haha! She loves to help me change his diaper, too. She was a little concerned with watching him breastfeed the first few times, but we kept explaining to her that he was drinking Mommy’s milk. She’s ok with that now, and now, if he cries, she either says he needs milk or has a poopy diaper. She’s already got it all figured out! Smart girl!

At our 3 day follow-up appointment on Saturday, he weighed 7-3, so he only lost 4 oz, so we were pleased with that. He’s a good nurser as well. I was sore for weeks with Abriella, and I generally did not enjoy nursing…at all. We made it nearly 14 months, but I can tell you that was only because I’m stubborn and kept going because I knew it was good for her. However, with Colby, we’re doing great, and I’m not even sore now. That only lasted a few days. Hallelujah!

God truly has blessed us with Colby. He’s just as sweet as he can be. We are so blessed to have both of our children! Even though it’s been challenging with Abriella lately, I am thankful to have my two kiddos, and thank God that they are healthy. God is awesome!

Ok, what would a post be without some pictures?!

Doesn’t Abriella look huge next to her baby brother and doesn’t she look thrilled?! HAHA!


This is the way we discipline Abriella…child labor!! Just kidding!

Please ignore my extremely white legs in the forefront of this picture. Yuck!

Proof that Aunt Brittany held Colby at 3 days old!

Uncle Matt said this was the youngest baby he’d ever held in his life!

Ok, not the greatest angle here for me, but…well, life is good with two!

Princess Abriella…

Abriella wanted to “cheese more” (wanting more pics of herself)…. And, no, she didn’t actually wear those socks with that dress to church.

Being silly…

Playing on an air mattress outside:

Grandma with both grandchildren before she left.

The classic baby sleeping on daddy picture.

Don’t you just want to squeeze him?!

Ok, that’s all for now! Enjoy!!

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