You’ve got the wrong focus!

Based on the entries, and comments I’ve seen on various people’s blogs it’s easy to see that you all have the wrong focus. And me too!

Unfortunately, our focus is on ourselves. That’s the problem. We’re more worried about how we feel, what we think, how to entertain ourselves, etc… that we loose sight of where we’re supposed to be looking. I’m the biggest offender here so I’m not trying to dig the speck out of anyones eye. Heaven has to be the focus of a Christian. We have to think about getting there ourselves, and then taking as many people with us as possible. We have to be thinking about the reward we will enjoy there, and not worry about how good of a time we can have here. 2 Cor. 4 & 5 go into the details, but Paul is telling the people of Corinth that they’ve lost their focus too. After all, what did Jesus say? "Seek first my kingdom! "

American’s are probably, literally the world’s worst. Ironic because if we are the ones who have the most "free" time of anybody. People 2000 years ago who worked in the fields 12 hours a day put us to shame. They conserned themselves with meditating on the word, meeting together, and evangelizing. Our petty entertainment seeking, and worrying about how much stuff we can accumulate, or how much knowledge we can aquire is disgusting.

 What would happen to the world today if just one person could forget themselves for long enough to go do as much evangelism as they formerly took watching TV.

I could go on with examples, but by now you have the idea. Again, I’m top offender here, so take this a message from one broken person to the rest of the world. 

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