Idiots and their cell phones

It’s shocking how as soon as somebody hops on their cell phone, their brain goes out to pasture, or to some other dimension, or completely shuts down. Perhaps it’s the cell phone radiation that inhibits proper brain function. Who knows, it’s merely speculation for  the point of speculation. Completely beside the point. Until, that is, it affects you….

Jennifer and I were on our way back from the mall. We were sitting at a light ready to get out of there. The light turns green. For some reason neither us or the people next to us move. Good thing, because 2 seconds later some person obviously devoid of thought, blows through the intersection, undoubtedly running the light by a good 3 seconds. This person was more concerned about their conversation on their cell than what the glowing red light in a intersection might mean. Unfortunately it gets worse.

 We end up behind these people waiting at a different light (one they arbitrarily decided to stop for). The light turns green, 40 IQ guy starts to go then puts on his blinker like he’s gonna do a Uey in the middle of this big divided highway intersection. Nice…. I stop naturally. The guy behind me apparently can’t see mr. Void in the Pate, and smacks into the back of us. By that time No Brain decides not to pull the illegal traffic manuever and goes off to maim and destroy more traffic laws.

 Anyway, so we get to a place to pull over, get out find out the car is not damaged in any way, thankfully. Neither are Jennifer or I hurt, nor the people in the other car.

 Thankfully no permanent damage was sustained.

Except the mental damage the cell user obviously incurred….

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