Two Weeks Already?

Today, our little guy is 2 weeks old! Wow! It goes by so fast! We went for our 2 week appointment at the birth center. I’m doing well, and so is he. He now weighs 8 lbs 5 oz! Way to go, Colby! He gained just under a pound from his birth weight (7-7) and over a pound from what he was at 3 days postpartum (7-3). I would say he’s getting plenty to eat! And, he doesn’t even seem to eat as much as Abriella did, but these little boys are supposed to be bigger, so I guess he’s getting what he’s supposed to. We can definitely tell that he’s filling out some, but with his length, he still looks so small to us. Funny how that works.

He definitely is a gassier child than Abriella was. He seems to have issues burping, but he does let out some stinky little toots. Typical boy! His daddy is so proud! He also spits up more than she did, but it’s still not that much. I know some babies that are definitely spewers! He’s not that at all. He’s still only waking 1-2 times a night to eat. I think that’s great! His alert period is definitely in the evening though. That’s when we see his peepers the most.

Well, enough jibber jabber. Here are a few pics of the kids.

Abriella didn’t want us to take her picture here. Side note here–see how her pants are becoming high waters (these tennis shoes masked that a little bit…I didn’t want to change her pants!)!? These fit her just a few weeks ago. She’s definitely getting taller!

This is him in his cradle which is where he sleeps at night now (it’s beside our bed, not the wall like in the above picture). Notice the cute cradle bedding my Mom bought him!

Ok, this next picture, I’m just posting because it cracks me up. He looks like a dwarf (sorry if that’s not PC), because he had his legs pulled up into his sleeper. I just thought the pic looked funny.

Daddy let Abriella eat in her playroom. Don’t you just love the wild hair??

This can’t be comfortable, buddy!

Ok, that’s all for now. Hope everyone is doing well. We are having some company this coming weekend for Memorial Day weekend. Looking forward to some more visitors for Abriella! She loves the attention!! Of course, we’ll definitely share Mr. Colby as well!!

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