Memorial Day Weekend

Papaw, Gammy, and Uncle Nat came to visit for Memorial Day Weekend.  I’m fairly certain Abriella thought they came JUST to see HER! She had a blast with all of them! On Saturday, they all went to play disc golf while I stayed at home with the baby (and took a nap!).  From the pictures, it looked like they had a blast!

I thought it was funny that Janet and Abriella basically had the same color scheme going on. Too cute!

I love this next sequence of pictures as Abriella makes it down a slide.

That afternoon, it was raining pretty hard, but that didn’t stop Abriella from playing outside!

On Sunday, we went to another park, where they have just opened a new splash pad. We didn’t actually know this going there, so we didn’t have a swimsuit with us, but extra clothes were in the car, so Abriella was all for it. However, the child is still not too sure about water getting in her face. Uggh! Colby was ready to go though!

Talking about the game plan with Uncle Nat:

She wanted to be held pretty much the entire time! Spoiled!!

And, of course, what would a trip to the park be without going down a slide?!

Well, by looking at the pictures, you’d think they DID just come for Abriella. There was a lot of passing around of Colby, but I see we didn’t take any pictures of that! I didn’t take ANY of the above pictures, and I guess I just decided to NEVER pick up the camera while they were here. Ooops. Anyway, we had a great time with them visiting, and Janet cooked a great ham that we are STILL eating on!

Abriella was so sad when they left that there were many tears shed. She just adores all of her grandparents and she had a fabulous time with Uncle Nat as well. She still mentions his name regularly.

On Tuesday, Brittany came so she could go to an audition on Wednesday in Austin. She stayed Wed night as well, and hung out with me and the kiddos on Thursday. Abriella had fun with her, but she’s had several uncles visit recently that she was a little confused and was saying Uncle Brittany! HAHA! She would say Aunt occasionally, but mostly it was Uncle. It was pretty funny.

Anyway, that was that week. I’ll add more pictures of the younger one in the next couple of days. I’m trying to catch up!

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