2006 Beginnings

Well, it’s 2006 now! It’s already started out a great year. We started out by having a New Year’s Party at our house with our young marrieds group from church. Stephen’s parents and Nat were also here to share in the fun. We are settled into our house now. Of course, we still have some boxes in different closets that we refuse to think about! All in good time. We have been having a pretty warm winter, and very dry as well. There have been quite a few grass fires in the surrounding areas, so we’re praying for a real good rain. Stephen is working on several computer projects outside of work. Jennifer is staying busy with delivering lots of babies. One of her coworkers in Houston will be moving up here to work as a midwife, so she’s excited about reuniting with her at work soon. Nothing much else going on. We have added a few more pictures to our site. Enjoy! –Jen and Stephen Smile

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