What We’ve Been Up To Lately…

So, here is our little chica hanging out with her Papaw while he was here. I’m sure her Uncle Mike is proud, although it’s not a Harley. Sorry, Bro!


And, here is a bit of what Abriella has been working on lately! She’s trying to sit up like a big girl! She can sit unassisted for a little bit, but then she starts to topple. Her Daddy has first hand knowledge of that! I left to run and get some food, and I come back to a crying baby! My typical question is, “What did you do to her?!” hehe! Well, she was practicing her sitting, but she toppled forward…the one direction Daddy wasn’t prepared to catch her…she bonked her head. Scared her more than anything. No head trauma involved!



Plus, on another note, after over a month hiatus, she has finally started rolling over again. As you recall, we scared her the first time she ever did it with loud, obnoxious cheering. This time, we just watched as she did it, and she looked at us to see what we would do. We waited a few seconds and calmly said, “Good job.” I still nap her on her tummy during the day, and I’ve found her on her back now. We’ve also found her turned the complete other direction then where she started. And, today, Stephen found her pushed up on her hands with her face plastered against the crib railing like she was trying to get out of prison! Crazy child!

Well, we’re going Christmas shopping now. Gotta close this out. More later!

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4 Responses to What We’ve Been Up To Lately…

  1. Chrissy says:

    Can’t wait to see the sweet baby.

  2. This makes me laugh because everytime one of our boys has a bump or bruise on his head, it is ALWAYS on Daddy’s watch– even stitches! I guess you’ll be going through the same thing! She looks pretty sassy sittin’ in her boppy! Cute girl.

  3. Mom/Grandma Miller says:

    I’m sure that Abriella’s Uncle Mike is proud! He has her Christmas pic on the refrigerator. She is about to get mobile, so watch out!ha!

  4. Rebecca says:

    She looks so cute. The more she bumps her head now, the tougher she’ll be later. Daddy is just preparing her. That’s funny that you scared her when she rolled over.

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