Birthday Post, Part 2

We ended up opening the gifts at home rather than at the party. All the kids were having too much fun to be bothered by sitting watching someone else open up presents! It’s a good thing we made this choice, because it took us FOREVER to open them at home. She had to play with each thing for a while before she could be convinced to open another gift. And, let me just add a side note here: WHY do kids toys have to be SOOO DIFFICULT to get out of their boxes?! Don’t these people know that kids have NO patience, and when they have to wait on Mom to figure out how to get these things out, they get very irritated…as does Mom!! Ok, vent done!

Anyway, Abs got lots of goodies! Things she got included a Veggie Tales Bible, Veggie Tales books, a couple of Veggie Tales movies (see a trend?), then we moved off of that and she got a baby doll with clothes, bottles, etc included (this baby is now named Moses, and no it is not a boy doll! –Thanks, Pap-pa, for putting that name into her head!), a tricycle (she almost ended up with 3 of these!), a magnet book (thanks, Max!),  Color Wonders coloring books/markers (for those unaware of what these are, they are markers that ONLY color on the color wonders coloring books! ingenious!), several bath markers/colors/coloring board, a sticker book with 700 stickers!(Thanks, Uncle Michael!), Veggie Tales coloring book, a piggy bank that counts the money as it goes in, money for her savings, and I THINK that’s it–I really can’t remember now! She was spoiled, that’s for sure! Anyway, here are a few pictures of her opening her gifts.

Oh, I have to share a few pictures from her actual birthday first though. These first ones just crack me up. I was in the living room, and Abs came in with her Daddy’s glasses on! Her expressions are what made me totally crack up. Doesn’t she have the greatest nerd look going on here??

Then, here were a couple from our Sonic picnic on her birthday. She loved the straw that came in her kids meal.

And, now the fun with birthday gifts.

Here she is on the trike. Don’t you just love her red lips? (courtesy of red icing). Also, the “parent bar” on the back of this HAD to come off pretty quickly per the child’s request. So much for helping her that way!

This next picture gives you a small glimpse of how pooped she was towards the end of this day. (Note to self for the future: do NOT allow the child to skip a nap on the day of her birthday party. We thought she would be fine. WERE WE EVER WRONG!! There was weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth for several hours that night! It was AWFUL!!)

And, if you remember, I said I didn’t have any pictures of me and Abs on her birthday. Well, I take that back. We did take some, but this was sooo not the time to be taking them. It was a bad picture of me (I don’t know why Stephen does such awful angles of me!) and Abs just looks spent. Anyway, here’s one last one for ya! She really did have a good day…until the end!

I plan on doing one more birthday post–the things that Abs is doing now at age two. Have a great week!

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6 Responses to Birthday Post, Part 2

  1. Mom/Grandma says:

    And she’s the cutest little nerd! It is still hard to believe that she is two years old. I hope that she is learning to ride the tricycle.

  2. Beth says:

    She will be such an adorable nerd!! I’m glad she likes the magnet book. Max actually did pick it out…I held up a few for him to choose from, and he liked that one the best! 🙂 And I think you look great in the picture!

  3. Tricia says:

    we had a doll named moses too. it was not a boy doll either, but what does it matter, lol!!! so cute!

  4. Amanda says:

    I think you look pretty Jennifer!

    Cute, cute pictures! Abriella is precious. Looks like she had a really fun birthday. Now are you ready for the terrible two’s?

  5. Rebecca says:

    I’m sorry for you that she did not have a nap. I’m glad that you actually did get a picture with your daughter on her birthday. Why is that moms are always the photographers?

  6. Melissa says:

    Love the pictures! Love Abriella in the glasses! We’ve been out of town a lot lately, so hopefully, we’ll see y’all in person soon 🙂

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