Sick Baby

So, we are in Lubbock, but Abriella has been sick since Wednesday. Daddy gave her a cold. She has a really runny nose. She’s doing good overall, but at night, she’s like a newborn all over again! She wakes up hourly, or more! YUCK! On Thursday night when we got here, she ended up being in the bed with us all night long. Her final sleeping place was on me, just like Stephen used to do when she was brand new. But, she wouldn’t have anything to do with him that night. Last night, she did sleep in her Pack-n-Play, but for short bouts. She got better at sleeping as we got closer to the morning. I think she’s doing better today…hopefully. She just rattles with her poor little nose. Eating is the hardest for her, but she still manages. She just has to stop to take a breath, and then she continues to eat. Anyway, I need to get off now. Pray for a healthy baby —–she wants to enjoy her first Christmas!

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