Two Years Old

Since I don’t keep up with an actual hard copy of a baby book… I mean, I have one, but I haven’t written in it since Abs was like…hmmm…4 months old! So, I’m going to put some things on here to remember what she was doing at this age. Hopefully, I can print all of this off one day to give to her. So, here goes, in no particular order.

* LOVES to read. If someone could read to her all day long, she’d be happy most days.  Most of the books we have read so many times that if you stop on a page, she will finish the words on that page from memory. She can do this on pretty much every page in most of her books! AMAZING! Also, she will sit and “read” to herself and she’ll be turning the pages and saying what’s on each page. Such a smart girl!

* Knows basic shapes: circle, triangle, square, rectangle, oval, diamond, star, and some random ones like octagon, pentagon, and hexagon, although she doesn’t get these right all the time (she really just guesses when there are lots of sides).

* Counts up to 11 (we’ve never even tried to go past that), but she pretty much always skips #4. Go figure.

* Can say her ABC’s (sings them really) but jumbles a few things in there…you know, like the LMNOP.

* Can identify the letters if they are capital. Not great with lower case yet.

* Can identify correctly several colors (she was terrible at this for a while, so we were sure she was colorblind! HA). Anyway, she gets red, blue, green, yellow, pink, orange, black, and white correctly. She still says that purple is pink though.

* Loves to run and play outside (well, inside too!). Also, likes to “dance.”

* Has a pretty good throwing arm (unfortunately, she uses this a little too often with her toys in the house! Still working on that one)! And, can run and kick balls really well, too.

* Can repeat basically any word you throw at her, and says most of them very clearly. But, oddly enough, still messes up a few words she’s known forever, notably animals is “aMiNals” and elephant is “ePHeLant.”

* Speaks in sentences.

* Still calls herself Ella most of the time. However, we do not call her this. Don’t think I’ll be doing that for a long time, if ever. Just sounds funny. Sounds cute when she does it, but doesn’t sound right when others say it. She does know her entire name is Abriella Grace Joyner. She has started calling herself Ablilella more lately (something like that).

* Loves to sing as well. She loves to sing herself, but especially for others to sing to her!

* Eats pretty much everything we eat now. For a really long time, she wouldn’t eat ANYTHING we were eating (so there were lots of chicken nuggets, etc), but sometime soon after Colby was born, she finally started eating what I cooked. So, now, I just make her a plate of our food.  Much easier for me!

* Doesn’t like food on her hands/fingers. This is ridiculous to us since she could play in the mud all day long and not care one bit! So, we have to have a wipe or napkin available at all times to wipe those precious fingers off during meal time. She won’t lick her fingers either—has to be wiped off.

* Has been on a nap strike for a couple of months now. We have tried just about everything from making it later, earlier, bedtime earlier/later, ignoring her (hoping it would end), threatening her (and hands on punishment at times as well), bribing her, etc. Nothing was working. She just played the entire time and then was toast shortly after her “nap.” This week, however, I finally decided to really move her naptime in hopes of regaining it (as she still needs it!), and I moved it to 12:30 from 1:30. Aside from the first day of that where she played for 3 entire hours, she has taken a 2-3 hr nap every single day since then! So, maybe this is the trick (crossing fingers). Kind of a bummer for me to have to make sure she’s here by 12:30, but if it works, we’ll sacrifice. Colby is usually sleeping anyway, so not too big of a deal now.

* Still loves her baby brother, but doesn’t always care for it when her daddy holds him.

* She has been staying in church with us for most of the time since Colby was born. I guess she was afraid he might get too much attention if she wasn’t there! Every week, she’s gotten better and better (i.e. not as much LOUD talking!). So, one person holds sleeping Colby and the other keeps her entertained with her books, etc.

* Still has a bit of separation anxiety. Now, it’s pretty much a fake, whiny cry when she’s dropped off to Bible class, and she is perfectly fine within about 30 seconds (per the teachers).

* Has all of her teeth except her 2 year molars. She’s had all the other teeth for months now.

* Has insanely crazy hair that if not tamed looks like a shaggy dog (per my mom), but I refuse to cut it at this point. If you put it up, it looks fine, and the bangs are finally getting long enough to pull back. Problem is that Abs doesn’t want it up if we’re at home. And, she doesn’t care if the hair is hanging all over her eyes. Crazy.

* She keeps me and Stephen on our toes pretty much all the time!

Ok, that is all I can think of right now. I may come back and add more later.

We are super proud of our Abriella Grace Joyner. She is a stinker much of the time, but we love our stinker! She is growing up so fast. Can’t wait to see what this year brings for her!

We are going to be getting some official 2 year pictures taken here before too long from our good friend, Melissa. Yeah!

Ok, next post will be about Colby at 3 months, which he is today! These kids are growing too fast!

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