3 Months Old

Man, it’s tough to keep up with these kids! So, Colby turned the big 3 months on Thursday! Has it already been another month? Wow! He’s such a sweetie. Here are some things he’s doing now.

* Smiling and laughing a lot! We just discovered that if you tickle his tummy with your nose, he cracks up EVERY TIME! It’s so cute!

* Sucking his thumb a LOT—while playing, while on your shoulder, while in the bathtub…you get the point. He loves him some thumb! He will still take a pacifier at times…like in church. So, that’s convenient.

* Holding his head and chest up while laying on his tummy. He often does this when you put him in bed to sleep. He just looks around for a little while, and then settles down to sleep.

* Moved up to a Britax convertible carseat like his sister. He was not a fan of his infant carrier (why do our children hate those?). He still cries some in the car, but it’s WAY less now that he can sit up and look around in the convertible carseat. He looks like such a big boy in it!

* Loves to flail his arms and legs while playing on his back, and he tries really hard to roll completely to his side from his back. I remember Abriella did this for a long time, too.

* Still sleeping really well at night. Goes to sleep anywhere from 5:45pm (I know, ridiculously early, but he goes to bed the EASIEST at this time) to 7pm. Just depends on when his last nap ended. He generally sleeps 10 hrs straight and then gets up about 2 – 2 1/2 hrs after that. Wakes up for the day usually between 6:30 and 7:30 am, sometimes later, sometimes earlier. He takes 2 – 3 naps a day usually.

* Loves to eat his hands. He is a thumb sucker, yes, but he also likes to stick his entire fist in his mouth! Leads to the occasionally gagging. haha!

* Spits up quite a bit still. Some days are worse than others, and I think this has to do with what I eat. Like one morning, I tried to have a little bit of milk with cereal (hoping it really didn’t bother him). Well, that afternoon, it was projectile spitting up and crying for the entire afternoon. Back to my bowl of oatmeal!

* Still enjoys bathtime. This is a constant everyday.

* Loves to SEE Mommy. If Daddy is holding him, he starts to get a little upset if I leave the room, but is just fine as soon as he can see me again. Mommy’s baby boy!

* Wearing size 2 diapers.

* Wearing 3-6 month clothes. So, I finally broke down and bought him some more boy sleepers. I did put him in a nice pink one the other night (from his sister’s baby stash), but decided the next morning that it really did NOT look right. So, Wal-mart got some business from me, yet again.

* Loves to keep eye contact with us. He will lay around and play without you having to be in his face, but sometimes he will start to get a little fussy, but if you just get close where he can see you, he is perfectly fine again.

* Growing, growing, growing. Has quite a few rolls that are pretty fun to keep clean! Love them!

There are other things that he’s doing, I’m sure, but those are some of the things I can think of right now! Ok, now for the 3 month picture. I have more pictures of him that I will share in a different post.

2 months:

1 month:

Then, here are a couple of other pictures of him I took the day before his 3 month day.

Happy 3 months, baby boy! Hope this next month is even more exciting than the last! Love you!

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