Picture Catch-up for Grandparents

Well, if you’re not a grandparent, you are still welcome to look at these, but you are warned that there are many pictures here.  We are doing well here. I finally figured out a good way to keep Abriella out of trouble (and keep her quiet!) while I’m feeding and putting Colby down for a nap. I had heard about getting a special box of new toys for the toddler to get out only when feeding the baby. Well, that’s all good IF you want the child IN the room with you! Well, she’s loud when playing and wants to talk to me, etc, and Colby prefers dark and quiet when eating, especially when he’s tired. SSOOO, since she loves to play in her room (as evidenced by her playing during “naptime”), I decided to get her a new box of quiet toys (lots of Target $1 items) and let her play with them IN HER ROOM with door closed while I feed and put him down. It has worked like a charm!! Yeah! She looks forward to that time with her new box of toys. And, now, I know she’s not playing in the toilet or the trash or whatnot!

Also, on the nap front, she is taking more naps since she takes one at 12:30 now. She still only naps about 1/2 of the week, but she still gets that time in her room. What she does the majority of the time is “read.” The only entertainment items in her room are books. So, we look at her in the video monitor and she’s sitting on her bed turning the pages in her books. She does this during naptime, before bed, and even after she wakes up in the morning. It’s so funny. But, hey, I’m ok with her reading books! Honestly, I’m just looking forward to the day when she doesn’t require daytime sleep to be happy later in the day. She’s already got the quiet time alone down pat! Since she doesn’t take many naps, every few days, we put her to bed extra early (6pm) to help her catch up.

Other news is that Stephen bought an old 1992 Dodge Dakota truck on Sunday that he found on Craigslist. He’s wanted a truck FOREVER, but I always tell him negative! Well, this one was the right price, so I finally gave in (it’s not like I have the final say. it’s just that we like to agree on these purchases). So, for $1000, his dream came true! HA! I’m sure the next thing, he’ll want a boat! LOL!

Ok, here are the pictures! Starting in July (around Abs birthday)! Yes, I’m behind. I’m sure the grands won’t mind! Am I right? Ok, I’m going to upload them in a smaller format, but you can still make them big by clicking on them.

2 months tummy time:


Thumb love and “does this shirt make my face look fat?!” HAHA!



Thumb love while in bath:

Ok, now on to August pictures!

Bumbo seat fun. I think his expressions are hilarious:

Abriella reading:

Trying on her new bows:

Ok, I’ll stop for now. I’ll continue with the others in the next post! At least this will hold off the “we need more pictures” comments for a little while! HAHA!

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3 Responses to Picture Catch-up for Grandparents

  1. Mom/Grandma says:

    I’m not too sure that Colby likes that bumbo seat!!ha! Or the tummy time! But I love his little rolls, sweet smile, and yes, his thumbsucking! It’s great that Abriella likes to “read”! I’m glad that you have found “quiet time activities/toys that are just for her so that you can also have your quiet time with Colby. Love her bows! Always enjoy seeing the pix–can’t get too many for me!

  2. Brittany Joyner says:

    i see Colby got your pasty pale legs- pahahaha!

  3. Pap-pa says:

    Nice set of pics! Those are two of the cutest kids in the world, in my unbiased opinion!

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