Catchy title, eh? Yep, I sat here for about a minute to come up with something…and, nothing. So, “today” it is. We continue to do well here. Just been really busy. But, I think that’s what life with kids is all about! We are trying to get our house ready to put on the market. We would like something a little bit bigger. We have no guest room now, and if we plan to have more kids…well, we just feel a little more space would be better. So, if you plan on coming here soon, just know that you can either sleep on the floor (but I will likely trip over you as I get up to feed the baby in the night), you can sleep outside, or we can help you find a local hotel. The last option is your best choice! Well, unless you like camping in triple digit weather! So, anyway, we hope to get this put on the market in the next month or so. We’ll see how all that works out.

I think sleeping during the day has come to an end for Abriella. This week, she did not sleep one single day. She stays in her room for 2-2 1/2 hrs and does fine with that, but no sleeping occurs. She actually is getting better about her late afternoon time. She’s not as cranky now, so I guess this is just how it’s going to be. I can’t make her sleep in there. Believe me, I’ve tried! But, she will continue to have that time to herself in her room for a long time. We need a break from each other!

Colby is cute as ever. He’s pushing up really well now. His new thing is when I put him in his bed, he pushes up as high as he can and turns his head back to try to see me as I leave the room. If the bumper wasn’t in his bed, he would see me. But, he generally pushes up and “talks” for a little while after I lay him down, and then he lays down, grabs his thumb, and goes to sleep. SSOOO different from his older sister. She had to be in a stupor for us to even attempt to put her in her bed…then, we would duck down (so she couldn’t see us) and try to quietly and quickly maneuver out of her room. If you hit a squeaky part of the floor…it was over…and it started all over again! Fun times! At least there is one good sleeper among the two!

We have started cloth diapering on a part-time basis. We will do that while we’re at home, but will do disposables while out and about.  We are doing “modern cloth diapering,” meaning these things are very easy to use. No pins necessary. There is no dunking in the toilet necessary or stinky “wet pails.” Just put them in a dry pail with a lid, and wash every 2-3 days. I’ve found it to be very easy and only adds a few extra loads of laundry a week. And, I’ve been drying them outside in the sun mostly and since we live in Texas, I’ll be able to sun dry them a good part of the year! Plus, that sterilizes them and takes out any stains that might be there—makes them white as snow again. The sun is amazing! And, you may ask “why are you doing this?” Well, a few reasons. It’s better for the child’s skin. It is definitely better for the environment. And, it is cheaper in the long run! Even with the extra laundry, you are still saving money. Plus, it’s actually kind of fun in a weird kind of way. So, there ya have it!

Abriella’s language skills are so amazing to us. Her sentences get longer and more complex every day. We also frequently are reminded that she listens to everything we say! Last night in her bath, she says, “Stephen Joyner.” We had never told her that daddy’s name was Stephen. Stephen tells her that his name is “Daddy!” HA! So, we ask her who Stephen Joyner was. She laughed and was like, duh, and said, “Daddy!” We finally figured out that she heard Stephen talking on the phone telling someone his name, and she was in Stephen’s arms at the time, so she caught it! Smart girl!

I just found out today that Abriella has a spot in preschool now! They start on Tuesday! I’m so excited! It’s funny because just this week, Abriella said something about how she wanted to go to school. We hadn’t said anything to her about preschool since she wasn’t in yet, so we’re not real sure where she heard about school. Anyway, she was excited when we told her she was going to start school. Of course, she wanted to go right then! HA! So, she’ll go on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-2:30! Yeah for her, and yeah for me!! I think it will be really good for her…and me!

Ok, I could write more, but I’ll stop since I know some of the grands skip over the words anyway to get to the pictures! Terrible, I know, right?! (Remember, you can click on any picture to enlarge it)

These next few were taken mid-August. Sweet siblings!

In these, Abriella said she was sleepy (that’s what no naps will do for you!), so she snuggled under the covers in our bed while I folded laundry!

Abriella playing with stickers as a reward for being good during her photo shoot that day with Melissa! Yes, we lower ourselves to bribing at times!

Colby sleeping. Bottoms up and thumb in mouth! So sweet!

Anytime Stephen holds Colby, Abriella wants to “hold you” too!

Abriella always stylin’ at the table:

Abs sporting a cloth diaper. When I double stuff them, she says, “BBIIIGGG diaper!” and laughs. She likes them though. Oh, and she’s not smiling because this week, she has decided that she does NOT want me to take pictures of her. Well, the 2nd pic here will show that. “NOOO, No pictures!”

Finally, some pics of Colby doing tummy time at 3 months. He is almost rolling over. He leans way over, but then pulls himself back up. To me, that seems harder than actually rolling over!

Ok, that’s all folks! Until next time! Have a great week!

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