4 Months

Today is the 4 month mark for Colby! One third of a year down! Is that possible?! Let’s see if Colby can share some of what he is doing now.

* I still love to smile and giggle, especially when it’s just me and Mommy. We are enjoying our time to ourselves while big sister is enjoying preschool.

* I have rolled from tummy to back a few times. Monday night of last week, once during the night, I was crying, and Mommy noticed my cry sounded different. Well, she turned on the night light and peeked over into my bed, and I was looking right up at her. I smiled and laughed when she saw me! I was so proud of myself. I’ve rolled 4 times during the day so far as well. I’m not an expert yet, but working on it.

* I can roll all the way to my side from my back. I’m starting to try to get further past that towards my tummy, but I may have a ways to go on that yet.

* Slobber and drool all the time! I have done this for a while now. But, now I really get messy because I have my hands all in my mouth and face and I just end up drenched, as does everyone that holds me! HA!

* Napping well still. I pretty much will nap 6 hrs worth everyday, however that works out.  Could be two 3 hr naps, three 2 hr naps, a 4 hr nap with a 1 1/2 hr nap, and then a 30 minute nap-nurse. You get the idea. I am having to be somewhat flexible since Mommy and I have to go drop off big sister at school which interrupts a nap and I also have to wake up to go pick her up.

* The “4 month curse” has started at night (that’s what Mommy calls it). I am becoming more social and like to wake up Mommy just for the fun of it and see what she’s up to at night. I can sleep 12 + hrs, but I would rather socialize. After about a week of this, Mommy decided that she would not get up every time I wanted to see her. So, last night, she chose 2 times to get up with me, and the other time, she wouldn’t play with me, so I went back to sleep. I only tried a little over 5 minutes to convince her to come play, but she wouldn’t do it! Such a party pooper, she is! She’s hoping to convince me to not even try to wake her up except a couple of times at the max.  I’ll have to think about that one!

* I like to sit up and look around more than being on my back now. So, Daddy got the exersaucer out for me, and I’m really enjoying that. I also sit in the Bumbo seat a bit too. Really, I’d be happy most of the time just sitting in someone’s lap.

* I don’t cry nearly as much in the car now. I like to look around and talk more, and I can get my thumb and fingers in my mouth easily now when in the car.

* Mommy has started putting me in really soft cloth diapers lately. I like those a lot.

* I’m wearing size 3 diapers now. Medium in cloth diapers if I am in a sized one.

* I’m wearing size 3-6 months clothes, but will likely have to move up before too long. Mommy bought me some 6-12 month socks too, because my feet are getting too big for all the other socks I had. Mommy has decided to not even bother with shoes as I don’t need them anyway, plus my feet are growing way too fast to bother with them—Mommy doesn’t want to spend money buying shoes all the time.  Can’t say I blame her!

* My unofficial weight is somewhere around 16 lbs. I have my appt with my pediatrician in a week, so we’ll see what I officially weigh then. I am growing a lot though!

* My hair is growing in really well and it’s blonde. Mommy and Daddy are surprised because my big sister pretty much lost all of hers and it took longer than mine to grow back in.

* Still issues with skin. My face really was having some problems the last week or two. But, today, Mommy found something that worked! She put some hydrocortisone on my face and then a layer of Aquaphor over that. Pretty much cleared my face up completely! She’s going to do that more to see if that will continue to keep my face healthy. Pretty sure that means I really do have eczema.

* Mommy thinks maybe I have allergies or something, although pretty sure I can’t be diagnosed with that at this early age. But, my eyelids get all red and puffy and people think I’m sleepy, even though I just woke up a few minutes earlier. So, Mommy may see what the doctor says about that one.

* I’m still my Mommy and Daddy’s favorite baby boy! I totally have them wrapped around my little finger!

So, here is the picture for this month. Mommy and Daddy can totally see how my head is getting closer and closer to that line in the chair! I’m really getting big! I also had a cloth diaper on in this picture, so it makes my bottom half look a little bigger. I had just woken up from a nap and it was one of my fatter nap diapers!

3 months:

2 months:

1 month:

Then, some others that were taken trying to get a good 4 month picture. I didn’t really want to give many smiles as it was the end of the day and I was watching all of my visiting cousins run around!

Check out my chins!

Daddy really trying to get me to smile! Look at my neck/chin action:

Look at the rolls on my legs:

Colby, we love you, little man! Can’t believe we are rapidly approaching your half birthday!! It’s going so fast!

More pics and posts to come! We’ve had lots of Joyner family here for the holiday weekend. Hope everyone has a great Labor Day!

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