Here We Go!

So, lots of excitement around here in the last week. We had 6 extra adults and 3 extra kids here this past weekend, making for a total of 8 and 5! That makes for a lively house for sure! The 3 kiddos and 2 adults stayed nearby in a hotel at night as that would’ve likely been pure torture at night for all involved if all had been here. It was a great weekend with David, Janet, Nat, Matt, Brittney, Chrissy, Cooper, Kenndall, and Clayton. All the kids seemed to enjoy each other and the adults enjoyed each other’s company as well. Good food, good fellowship =  good times by all! Thanks for coming and having a mini family reunion down here!

So, I may have mentioned on here before, or maybe not…I can’t remember. But, Abriella was going potty here and there for several months before Colby was born. We weren’t potty training, but just offering the potty sometimes, like before her bath. She did it successfully numerous times. Well, after Colby was born, she decided she didn’t want to even SIT on the potty! Glad we didn’t expend any energy trying to potty train her before he came! So, we’ve just been patient (trying that is), waiting on her to express an interest. She was going hours with a dry diaper, could tell you she wanted to be changed, etc. She just didn’t WANT to go like a big girl. She even went so far as to say that she liked diapers! HA!

Well, yesterday afternoon, she decided she wanted to sit on the potty. I’m like, OK, GREAT! Well, I read her books while she sat, and she peed! She would say, “I need to tee-tee on the potty” and she did it 3 more times and went 2 of the 4 times. The other 2 times, she just sat there. Not bad! So, today, she wanted to wear panties to school. Uh…I convinced her that maybe we needed to practice a little more at home before doing that. She was ok with that. I told her teacher about yesterday, and she said, great! The report at the end of the day was that she sat her on the potty several times, but she didn’t go, until 2pm! BUT, she had stayed dry the rest of the day! Then, we put on panties when she got home. She successfully went 2 more times on the potty…and, well, 2 times in her panties, too. But, hey, that’s progress! We stick a sticker on the calendar every time she is successful. So, if she’s going to continue on this potty training thing, that should make for an interesting trip in a couple of weeks when I go to AR with the munchkins! The timing, the timing. Oh well. Maybe she’ll be a pro by then! One can hope.

Oh, so I guess I never said how Abs was enjoying school. She LOVES school with Ms. Trish! She looks forward to going and seems to be doing quite well. She has even slept during naptime once! The other times, she has “rested quietly.” Pretty good. I’m thankful that she got a spot and that she’s really enjoying it. And, I totally enjoy the time at home with Colby, although he sleeps most of the time still. That’s ok. I’ve snuck in a nap a couple of days, too.

Ok, without further delay, here are some pictures as of late. I have more of the weekend, but this will have to do for now!

These first ones are one day last week when Abs was at school. Colby and I were “playing.” This child looks so much like my brother, it’s crazy! I mean, there is Joyner in him, for sure, but there is a LOT of my side showing up in this little guy!

Here is some park time from the weekend. I didn’t go to this. I stayed home with Colby and Clayton while they napped. I pretty much was at home with a sleeping baby most of the weekend. That’s ok. That’s just the way it is when there are little ones that sleep a lot!

Here, Abs is on the big swing and apparently loved it and did quite well at hanging on!

Ah, we got the exersaucer out for Colby and, of course, big sister had to make sure it was stable enough for him! I have found her several times lately in it. She climbs in. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), she can’t climb out!

Sweet, sweet Clayton. She is a great baby!

Attempts at getting a good cousin picture on Sunday morning…FAIL x 2!

Cooper and Colby. The second pic shows what happens when no adult is looking…Cooper was trying to get Colby to smile…or something!

Kenndall, Gammy, and Colby:

Clayton, Gammy, and Colby:

Ok, that’s all for now! Hope everyone is having a great week!

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