Potty Talk

Ok, there were so many titles running through my head for this post, but most were probably not appropriate. Well, this post in general is probably a little TMI for most, but hey, this is my blog, and I’ll put on it what I want to! So there! (And, since I’ve never kept up with my baby book, this is it!). I’m sure Abriella will hate me one day for putting this on a blog! Oh well!

So, today marks 2 wks into this Abriella-led potty training. Yesterday, marked an even bigger day in that she pooped on the potty! She’s been doing great with the tee-tee on the potty (I’m just using the words we use around here although not necessarily textbook). She’s gone several days without an accident, but we were still waiting on a BM to happen. The child doesn’t go everyday, and I think sometimes she holds it in longer just because she doesn’t want to poop. ANYWAY, she hadn’t gone since Friday, so I was watching her like a hawk! I’m really not fond of the whole potty training anyway, but poop in panties or on the floor…eeeewww. Honestly, most of it is gross to me. I know, weird coming from someone who delivers babies! ANYWAY…

We had gone a couple of days of her saying, “I need to poop on the potty” with nothing as a result. Every time she would even start to grimace, I’d ask her if she needed to go poop. Finally, it was to the point she could hold it no more! She sat on the potty, and she went like a pro!! She was proud of herself, and I did a little dance of praise for her! We took pictures and video. Hey, I wanted her to know it was a big deal!

Then, the Chick-Fil-A visit took place as that was the reward for her pooping on the potty! Good times were had by all. She even went potty at Chick-Fil-A! I think we’re well on our way to no diapers!

She’s also been doing great at going at preschool and church (she’s gone with just panties 2 wks in a row at church with no accident). I initially thought maybe she wanted to potty train because someone in her class at school was going. But, come to find out, she is the ONLY one that is attempting to potty train. So, every time she goes to the potty, her whole class gets excited! HA! I can just imagine a bunch of 2-yr-olds standing around and watching and cheering for Abriella as she goes to the potty!

So, my final thought is that she decided to do this because I had started putting her in cloth diapers. Many will say that cloth diapered kids tend to potty train earlier because they get the cause and effect of pottying sooner because they feel the wet and then they don’t like it. So, Abs had always been in disposables and never had much of a problem. After putting her in cloth for a few weeks, she was tired of that. She asked me on numerous occasions to put her in an Elmo diaper (the disposables), but I wouldn’t! HA! This was my evil plan to get her potty trained! HAHA! Stephen and I both believe the cloth diapering helped her speed along!

So, here she is all proud of her pooping moment. She exclaimed, “I made poop in the potty!!”

Have a great day!!

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