April Changes

Well, we’ve been updating our house even more. I (Jen) decided this past Friday night that I wanted to change the front room that is now our sitting room. Saturday, I removed the border only to find yet another sad stenciling hidden behind that. My mom and I found a similar surprise behind the borders (yes, there were 2) in the dining room. Anyway, after several hours of laboring over that, I finally got to the painting. I worked until very late on Saturday, and then finished on Sunday afternoon. I was very pleased with my work, as was Stephen! We also received some new furniture for that room, which we are enjoying. It’s really fun to make a house your own. We never really did that in Houston. 

Stephen’s parents came the weekend of my birthday. We enjoyed their company and the fried chicken from chef David! My mom visited a few hours this past Sunday night. She was relieved to know I had finished my room project, and didn’t require her assistance. She’s tired of that for a little while, I guess. Oh well.

I guess that’s all for now. Have a great week! Oh, by the way, you do not need a username or password to access our account. Sorry for the confusion. Maybe we’ll get that removed one of these days!

–Jen Wink


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