Still here…

We are getting our house ready to list on the market. Should be listed this week. We also are pretty sure we are going to build a house in a nice planned community. It will take 6 months to build. We’ll be meeting with the representative again at the end of the week to make some big decisions there. So, we have a good amount of time to sell our house. On the other hand, if it sells quickly, we will be homeless! Ah, the fun is yet to begin! Pray for us!

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  1. Holly says:

    You might could negotiate with a buyer to rent back to you until your house is ready. That is what happened when we bought our house in Ft. Collins. The sellers were building a home. We closed in May but did not move in until August cause their new house wasn’t ready. So they paid us rent to live there for a couple of months. Just a thought about something that you might could do to make it work so you wouldn’t have to move your stuff more than once.

  2. Rebecca says:

    You will definitely be in our prayers! This is an exciting time, but I realize that it will also be very stressful. I am just excited that you are going to get to build, that will be so nice 🙂

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