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Well, we have been crazy busy lately. We were cleaning, organizing, and moving stuff to storage. Then, on Tuesday, Merry Maids came and cleaned our house. WOW! How clean my house is!? Then, Tuesday afternoon, our realtor came and took pictures of our house and we signed all the paperwork to list our house. We wanted her to come when the house was really clean! HA! So, late Tuesday night, our house was on the market.

Well, Wednesday, our house was shown for the 1st time! WHOA, that was fast! Then, we had 2 showings on Friday, and another showing on Saturday. (ETA:  We just had our first random person come to our door to see if they could come look around our house this afternoon. They saw the flier and wanted to take a look. We let them. Why not?! HA!) Good to know that people really are looking for houses at this time of the year! So, we’re praying that someone will find as much joy in this house as we have! (And, man, I hope it’s soon, because trying to keep a house clean and picked up with a 2 yr old and a baby underfoot is NOT EASY!)!

Then, yesterday, we signed a contract to build a house. We picked out colors, tile, laminate, carpet, brick, etc. Thank goodness the lady we were working with actually went to school for that kind of stuff. Stephen and I are a little lost when it comes to deciding important color schemes for you know, a house! We are super excited! We picked out the lot for our house and even know the future address for it!

So, we just have to sell our current house and we’ll be good to go.  The house we’re building is projected to be completed in March or April. We are really pleased with how things have turned out!

Let’s see what else. Colby has been working on trying to crawl the last few weeks. Currently, he does an inchworm move. He gets up on his forearms and his knees and then pushes his whole body forward. It gets him places but not as fast as crawling will. He rolls over all the time, especially in his crib! He does it all day and all night, so much that he hasn’t been sleeping as well due to this fact since he won’t go to sleep on his back. And, he hasn’t figured out how to get all the way back to his tummy yet. Uggh.

Then, yesterday he cut his first tooth! His bottom right tooth has cut through the gums! ~sniff, sniff~ I really love his toothless grin! But, it will still be a little while yet before that tooth shows up enough to effect that sweet toothless smile. So, he got his first tooth a month earlier than his sister did. So sad!

And, if cutting a tooth wasn’t enough, he started “barking” late in the afternoon. So, it seems pretty clear that he has croup. It’s just plain awful sounding! So, we sat in a hot, steamy bathroom a little bit. Then, Stephen went and bought a cool mist humidifier to put in his room. Now, it’s like a rainforest in there! Pretty sure we saturated the air in there, so the humidifier is off for now. Obviously, he was up a bit more in the night, but I was happy to get up with him.  I stayed home with him this morning to allow him to get some good, uninterrupted rest. Stephen took Abs to church. I never had croup and Abs didn’t either, so this is new for me. Stephen said they all had it growing up, so he is familiar with it.

Abriella just cracks us up on a daily basis. She just talks all day long. It’s like a stream of consciousness that we hear coming from her lips. It’s hilarious. I need to write down some of the things she says, but I’m drawing a blank right now. Stephen and I will talk late at night about the things she has said that day. We get tickled every night over her discussions!

Lately, she’s been in more of a mommy phase. She’s still most definitely daddy’s girl, but she has started wanting me for more things like putting her to bed and so forth, and totally rejecting Daddy. This all started after we got back from our Arkansas trip.  Also, since returning from that trip, she started crying/wailing everytime you drop her off at preschool and Bible class. We’re working on that. It didn’t help that she had a new preschool teacher when we got back. She had met her briefly before we left town, but it was just too much of a change in routine once she got back. She still talks about the first teacher like she’s going to show back up one day! Sad! Change is tough on these little ones!

Other things about her is that she LOVES to sing! I just love to hear her little voice as she belts out Jesus Loves Me, and God Made the Big Round Sun, and the Veggie Tales theme song, and the B-I-B-L-E song. Well, pretty much every song we’ve ever sung to her, she will sing right along with you! It’s great! She also belts out these tunes when she’s supposed to be taking a nap. And, I mean, she really belts them out! No need for this girl to have a microphone!

I just love these kids! I really pray that I can help them grow to love our Lord! What a challenge!

Well, I need to go tend to the little man now. I will add some pictures later if we don’t have to show our house today, too!

Have a blessed Sunday!!

ETA Pictures. These are more Arkansas trip pictures.

Little Grandma and Colby:

Grandma and Colby:

Abriella and Grandma making brownies:

Sibling bath. I did this on the entire trip to make things easier. Now, they go to bed enough apart that we don’t do this at home for now.

Ok, that was the end of the first weekend in Searcy (of pictures that I have, that is).

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2 Responses to What’s Going On

  1. chrissy says:

    I am so excited for you guys, I hope you sell quickly and your new house will be awesome! Put up pictures of the plans!

  2. Mom/Grandma says:

    I know you are excited that the plans are moving forward on the new house! Just hope the one you are in now sells soon! Give Abriella and Colby a kiss from their grandma.

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