Pumpkin Patch 2009

Let’s see if this works. I’m using something new to edit my pictures, so I can do it on the laptop. That might help me keep up better. We’ll see. We went to the local pumpkin patch on Sunday afternoon even though Colby was still croupy…he was on the mend! Abriella was being her typical “I don’t want to look at the camera or smile or sit by anyone” self, so that was fun.  Colby did well. He’s such a good baby when he’s feeling well, which thankfully, is most of the time! Anyway, enjoy the pictures and then I added some more trivia below the slideshow!

Ah, I think it’s going to work! Yay! I won’t do this everytime. I might just “share my albums” so people can look at them that way. Either way will keep me from having to upload them one at a time to the blog! Much faster!

So, Colby is better. He still has an occasional cough, but no more barking seal sounds from his mouth! He is fussy right now though. I am thinking he must be working on the matching bottom tooth. I have given him Tylenol some, but it doesn’t seem to help a whole lot. He officially can have Motrin at 6 months, and that always works better! I may jump ahead as I’m sure 1 wk is not going to make a difference in him being able to have it or not.

Abriella is such a challenge these days. Stephen and I are ready for her to get past this whiney-cry at the drop of a hat-push your buttons-stubborn stage. Please tell me it’s just a stage and some of this will improve! Certainly some terrible twos, but I hear three can be worse! Yay!

We have had several showings of our house. Two different people/couples have expressed some serious interest, but haven’t made an offer yet. One of those is coming tomorrow for a second showing of the house before making their decision.  But, in the meantime, we continue to keep the house clean and vacate the house when someone wants to come see it! Our realtor is very pleased with how much traffic there has been in such a short time of our house being listed. (I think that was a terrible sentence…).

Anyway, I will try to add some pictures of our adorable Halloween goblins soon!

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5 Responses to Pumpkin Patch 2009

  1. Allyson says:

    Such cute pictures. I was going to comment on the terrible-2 phase. For us, it seems 3’s might be worse than 2’s. The tantrums are louder, longer and more dramatic. Taylor is so strong-willed and her will seems STRONGER now! At the same time, we are discovering lots of awesome things with this age. I guess it just balances out a little. Hang in there!!

    By the way, does Colby have some red in his hair?

  2. Jen Joyner says:

    No, Allyson, he doesn’t have any red in his hair. These pictures sure made it look like it though. I guess with the orange pumpkins and his orange shirt, it somehow appeared as if he did. But, he is blond through and through at this point.

  3. Mom/Grandma says:

    The pictures are so cute! Colby is just a sweet little guy! Abriella is strong-willed, but just be consistent with her. Some children just have to push the envelope (sigh)! Maybe you should just send her to her Grandma!

  4. Jen says:

    I will gladly ship her to any grandparent willing to take her! 😀

  5. Holly says:

    Looks so fun! Colby is getting to be such a big boy!

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