So, she did it…she bit me while nursing! She’s lightly chomped down a couple of times, but this morning before church, it was more of a BITE! OUCH! She drew a little blood, but it thankfully wasn’t too bad since it didn’t hurt the next time she fed on that side. Anyway, hopefully, she won’t do that anymore. This too shall pass. We are still planning on going to a year.

So, she continues to become more mobile. She’s started getting up on all fours at the same time…just doesn’t know what to do from there. She also scoots around on her bottom a lot. You set her down in one spot, and then a few minutes later, you realize that she’s several feet away from that spot and facing a different direction, sometimes completely turned around. She continues to roll around all over the place. She can make it all the way around a room that way. We are about to put gates up in this front room so that she will at least be confined to a safe area to play. It’s a good size room, so she’ll have plenty of play space. She likes to sit and look out the front window and play. It’s pretty funny how much she talks and “yells” and waves her arms, and she can just entertain herself for a while like that. She likes to wave her right arm up and down over and over and hit her leg or the ground beside her. She also does this with a toy in her hand too. I often wonder if she thinks someone else is hitting her with those toys!! haha! She also likes to throw her toys down and off to the side! Stephen’s waiting for her to lob one across the room. She’s really strong! She makes new sounds everyday, using more and more consonants. Stephen and I still have daily practice with her to say da-da and mama. She just smiles and laughs at us both!

Anyway, she’s really a lot of fun these days. It’s really cool to see how excited she is when you walk in the room! So awesome to have someone love you sooo much and get super excited to see you, even if you’ve just been out of the room for a minute! I guess I’ll have to remember these days when she’s a teenager and she’d rather not see me at all! I’ll live it up while I can.

Well, I can’t think of anything else to write now. I know I’ve been lax on the pics. I have several to add to the website, but I’ve just been lazy in that area. I’ll try to get to it this week…

Have a great week! Enjoy the six more weeks of winter…per Punxsutawney Phil.

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4 Responses to OUCH!

  1. Mom/Grandma Miller says:

    Well, you have been initiated into the sorority of bitten mothers!ha! Abriella may be a “bottom scooter” like her Uncle Mike was–he never really crawled! But he got around! Looking for the pics!

  2. She sure was a cutie today! Certainly got Jonathan’s attention. Sorry about the ouchie! Funny, we were all talking about that on Saturday. Take care.

  3. Chrissy says:

    When Cooper got teeth, I quit nursing. I would still pump, but no more boob for him. I would love to see little “Abby” playing and rolling around!! Put up a video. I put the picture of her up on our picture shelf and Cooper knows exactly who she is!!

  4. Steph says:

    Hopefully you won’t get bit anymore. My now-5-yr-old only bit me once and Ella has not yet tried that little stunt, LOL. Of course, my Abriella has no teeth to bite with, LOL, so it may be coming.

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