New Milestones (Edited)

So, I’ve posted some pics and videos, but haven’t really updated on what our munchkin is doing these days. So, she’s still not officially crawling. She goes backwards, and that makes her irritated. The last couple of days, she has started to make some more attempts at moving forward on the hands and knees. We’ll see how long it takes for the official crawling. She can go from all fours and even from her tummy to sitting though. She pushes herself backwards and either puts her legs in the splits position and pushes back into sitting that way, or she has even put her feet down and sat up over them. (I know that’s probably not a good explanation…). She continues to talk more and more daily. She says ba-ba, da-da, ah-da, kuh sounds, mmm sounds (but not mama), and she even said hi once yesterday (i thought that was kind of funny). She makes lots of other sounds too, but she just talks non-stop many times. She even puts sounds together like she’s making a sentence sometimes. It’s gonna be scary when those sounds actually become words! Her biggest new thing is featured in the video below though! She’s pulled up some before, but never very gracefully. But, she pulled up over and over last night. I grabbed the video camera and got it a few times. You will even notice in the video that she just stands there for a few seconds on her own! After that, we even put her next to the couch, and she made two side-steps! She really thinks she should be walking, I think! Yikes! Anyway, hope you enjoy the video.

***So, tonight, Abriella was not wanting to go to bed again (2nd night in a row), so we finally decided to let her play and see what was up.  In the back of my mind, I was wondering if she was trying to achieve some new milestone, because I’ve read where they can have difficulty sleeping when they are. So, as soon as we put her down, she started pulling up again, but then, she started army crawling all over the place!! She might’ve done a real crawl, but her pjs were pretty slicky. So, she just put her arms and hands down and pulled and slitthered all around! SCARY!!  Just in the few short minutes that she was doing that, she managed to find all kinds of things on the floor that we didn’t want her in to, and managed to pull the box that has her gate in it over –it was leaning against the wall (well, she wasn’t completely successful because Stephen caught it before it landed on her!). I guess she was reminding us that we needed to actually get it OUT of the box! So, our child is REALLY about to be all over the place, more than she already is.

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  1. Mom/Grandma says:

    I’m glad that she has a toy box that doesn’t turn over easy! She is pulling up well!

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