Squash and More Squash!

Do you think she enjoyed them?? Not sure how much she got down the chute on this attempt, but she sure did enjoy the adventure!

Also, missy is becoming very proficient at pulling up on furniture, and is working on sitting back down gently. She knows that if she just lets go, it will hurt. But, she sometimes gets so tired from standing and wants to sit down, but is too tired to work out the process, so she starts to cry until someone feels mercy on her to help her back down! Crazy girl!

She also now greets me in her crib sitting up now! We know she can go from lying to sitting, but it was a little shocking to see her sitting there in her crib when I went in at midnight the other night when she “called” for me! Such a big girl! haha!

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2 Responses to Squash and More Squash!

  1. Mom/Grandma says:

    I’m glad that she enjoyed the squash!Looks like she had quite the gourmet experience!ha!

  2. Chrissy says:

    I cannot believe your child is mobile. Your life is about to change even more drastically, once they start crawling, you will never look at your floor the same. HA!! I like the messy eating pictures, as long as I am not the one cleaning up the mess!!

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