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Today, I found Colby standing in his bed after his nap. This is the first time (that I know of) that he’s done this since we lowered the mattress. He seemed so proud! He was pulling up on everything in sight today. (I do have some pictures of some of that action, but not on the computer yet). He’s figuring out how to get down too. He does quite well in getting himself close to the ground and then just falling on his bottom. Doesn’t seem to phase him!

I am going to call “mama” his first official word. He says it all the time, and he seems somewhat purposeful in it. He crawls towards me saying it. When he’s sad, he looks towards me and says it. Abriella likes to point out all day long that he’s saying “mama.” I think she is enjoying that he’s “talking” some!  So, I’m proud that he’s said the name of his favorite person as his first word!

Oh, and I do believe I am his favorite. Of course, right?? He’ll be playing with Stephen, but if he sees me walk by, he starts immediately crawling towards me and saying my name or crying, or a combo! HA!

Abriella just amazes us with her conversations lately. She’s pretty funny, too. She’s pretty much a running commentary most days or is singing all day long. Sometimes, I think she thinks her life is a musical. Sing, sing, sing. A few funnies I can think of right now:

While we were moving, she was standing on our bed. I told her that we didn’t stand on beds. She looked at me and, in all seriousness, said, “Mommy, don’t you want to stand up for Jesus?” haha! What can you say to that??

The other night, she looks at me and says to me, all lovingly, “Mommy, do you want to read me a book and put me to bed.” I said, very excitedly, “I’d love to put you to bed! You want me to put you to bed?” She replied, “No… Daddy will put me to bed!” Then, she looks at Stephen, and says, “Daddy, you want to put me to bed?” while looking all sweet… Of course he said yes. Stinker!! Nothing like getting me all excited and slamming me down! Stephen puts her to bed every single night because he’s her daddy and she loves him so much! She tells me, “You don’t want to put me to bed. Daddy wants to put me to bed.” haha! We just joke about it now.

One of the phrases she uses right now is, “I’m just going to do this real quick.” This is always in efforts of stalling something she’s supposed to be doing. It’s just funny the way she says this over and over. “Real quick.”

The other day, we asked her to throw something away, which generally, she loves doing. So, she runs into the kitchen, while talking the whole time, and then says, “Daddy, where did the trashcan go?” The girl practically ran over it to get into the kitchen. It just cracked us up.

She pretty much loves to talk in questions these days. “Mommy, what are you eating?” me- “pizza.” Her- “Mommy, you’re eating pizza?”

“Daddy, what do you have?” stephen- “chips.” Abs- “Daddy, you have chips?” S-“yes, I have chips. i bought them.” Abs- “You bought them at walmart?” S- “why yes, i did buy them at walmart.” Abs- “You didn’t go to work?” S- “yes, i did go to work. i just stopped at walmart on the way home from work.”  (this continued on for a while…)

“Daddy, you have dollars in here?” (she was emptying his wallet). s- “yes, i have some dollars in there.” Abs- “Daddy, you have 22 dollars?” s- “maybe.” Abs- “Daddy, where did you get the dollars?” s-“i got them from the bank.” Abs-“You got them from the bank? Daddy, did you drop by the bank?” (this also continued for a while).

You get the point. It’s just funny carrying on conversations with her these days.

In other news, they have put up the wall insulation and most of the siding on our house. I guess the brick and limestone will come before too long. Not sure what is next. It’s really awesome watching this process. It seems like it goes so quickly, but I have to remind myself that there is a LOT to do after the outside is done. You know, walls, flooring, cabinets, appliances, painting, lighting, etc, etc, etc. Lots and lots left to do once the outside is done.

Also, I’m excited that in March, I’m going to go to a ladies retreat with our church for an entire weekend. Stephen encouraged me to go. So, I’m pumping to work up my frozen breastmilk supply so the baby boy will have something to eat. It will be weird though. I’ve never been away from Abs or the Colbster overnight. So, I’m sure I will miss them dearly, but I also am excited to get away and get renewed in so many ways. I really think I need it.

Also, Stephen is leaving me in just over a week. Yep, he’s even skipping the country! He will be coming back though. He’s going to be gone for 17 days! That is going to be a long time for us to be without Daddy. Anybody want to come visit?? 🙂

Ok, to avoid being chastised for no pictures, here are some pics that were taken in Dec and this month. Enjoy.

More later!

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3 Responses to this and that

  1. Rebecca says:

    LOL! I can’t believe she tempted you to put her to bed and then just teased you! I got to observe her class at BCP yesterday and she was super cute. They were reading a book and she was really serious 🙂

  2. Mom/Grandma says:

    They are adorable and smart, and I’m not saying that just because they are my grandkids!

  3. Tricia says:

    When will he be gone? I might just need to make a fun little jaunt down there to see yall!! I still haven’t seen Colby and abs is so big now!!! Let Me know 🙂

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