Monday Ramblings

So, several have asked a few things about our new house. We are doing the 4 bedrooms with the gameroom. We are going to turn the formal dining room into an office. We just don’t really have a need for a formal dining room. We plan to have doors put in after we buy it. We will have the extended covered patio. The house is nearly 2400 sf. Feel free to ask anymore questions.

Abriella loves the “new house.” She always wants to go over there. Her favorite part, of course, is the playroom! We showed her where it would be, and she walked in with her arms outstretched and said, “This is my playroom!” HA! This weekend, she didn’t want to leave, and said she wanted to start living there now! We convinced her that it wasn’t quite ready to live in just yet! And, she calls our current house, “the rent house.” We are pretty sure she understands the whole thing to a point, since she’s already gone through moving once. That house is “our old house,” She’s got it all down!

She still continues with the question conversations. One of the funny things she has said for a while is “Do I want some?” For example, I have a glass of flavored water, and she wants a drink of it, so she’ll say, “Do I want some?” Or, you have food and she’ll say, “Do I want some?” Many times, being the mean mom I am, I will say, “No, you don’t!” haha, just kidding…sorta. Many times, I will say, “I don’t know. Do you want some?” To which she replies, “Yes. I do.” Funny girl. Also, we still crack up that she continues to say “aMiNals” rather than aNiMals.  And, today, she was watching a veggie tales dvd and it stopped, like it was scratched or damaged somehow. Well, she had gotten all the dvd’s out of their cases the other day (we just don’t have everything out of her reach here like we’d like to, but just don’t have the furniture here to do such…) and when we found her, we scolded her and told her that she might scratch them or break them and then they wouldn’t work. Anyway, today when it wasn’t working, I told her that’s why little girls aren’t supposed to play with the dvd’s because they can get broken. She thoughtfully said, “I guess I probably scratched it or something.” haha. Well, I removed the dvd and inspected it, and I believe the problem was little grubby fingers that left some food residue or “something” on it. I cleaned it up a bit and the dvd was good as new.

Colby cut his first top big front tooth yesterday. It’s his left front one. That booger took forever to cut through. It seriously looked like the tooth was pulling the gums further down rather than cutting through. It was so swollen and he wouldn’t let anybody touch it. He still won’t a whole lot. I figure it’s still a little sensitive. I hope it’s matching tooth doesn’t cause as much misery for him! Those top teeth are huge! So, he has 3 teeth now.

He is eating well most days. He really upped his solids eating a few weeks ago. He even eats the green beans and sweet peas now. But, when he’s done, he’ll just start wailing. And, heaven help you when you try to clean him up. You’d think there were shards of glass in the towel, washcloth, wipe, napkin, paper towel, or whatever, by the way he carries on. It’s just ridiculous! I mean tears, sobbing, head shaking, blubbering, choking up, etc. DRAMA!  He does love to eat cheerios, puffs, ritz crackers, baby mum mums, or just about anything that he can feed himself.

Still says mama all the time. Stephen keeps trying to get him to say dada, but it’s a no-go so far! hehe! He adds new sounds all the time.

He’s learned how to clap and now he does it all the time! He seems quite proud of himself. He does it while eating, in his bathtub, in his bed when he’s supposed to be sleeping…! Silly boy! We now have a video monitor for him, which just gives us tons of entertainment. Sometimes, instead of sleeping, he’ll be in there clapping, talking, standing up, sitting down, standing up, sitting down, cruising around the crib, rolling around, etc. And, of course, he’s to that point where he’ll stand up on the side and just cry and cry. It’s so pitiful looking! HAHA!

Well, here are some pictures I took last week with our other non-flashing camera. So, not super quality pictures here either. But, at least you can see the kids a bit.

Colby and Abriella Playing at the Rent House

So, Stephen is leaving the country to go to India this Friday.  I am still up for company! I’m wide open right now! The annual baby blessing is on Sunday at church. Sadly, Stephen will miss it. We never did a baby blessing with Abriella because they used to do it individually, and I just thought it was a little strange the way they did it. Maybe that’s why she’s so rotten! hehe! Anyway, it’s a group thing now for all the babies born in the previous year.  I’m more inclined to take part in it now.  Anyway, anybody who feels like visiting, shoot me an email or leave a comment! I’m sure we can work it out. You’d have to sleep in the living room (as that’s the only room available, but at least it’s carpet!).

That’s all for now!

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2 Responses to Monday Ramblings

  1. Mom/Grandma says:

    I wish I could come! They are just growing so fast!

  2. Melissa says:

    Funny about the aMiNals. Ty does a weird “MN” thing when he refers to his sister as ENiMy (pronounced enemy).

    At least Abriella seems excited about the new house. Hopefully, that will make for a smooth transition when it’s time to move again!

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