I’ve got a stomach bug and I’m not enjoying it at all. I know, who does?? Stephen had today off before leaving for India tomorrow. Taking care of the 2 babes while I laid around wasn’t exactly what he had planned for today. Nor is it what I had planned for today. I’ve had it coming from both ends (gross, yes, i know). Thought I was through the worst of it until just a little while ago where all the crackers, pop ices, and coke I had earlier decided they did not want to reside in me anymore. So, not only do I get the privilege to care for my younguns without Stephen starting around 9:45 am in the morning, I get to do it while feeling like a truck has run over me…over and over again. Please pray that I get over this QUICKLY and I get my energy back ASAP. Thanks. Now…back to the potty.

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  1. Mom/Grandma says:

    Ewwwwww! Hope that today is a better day!

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