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We’re doing good here. One of my friends came and picked Abriella up to take to church tonight. Normally, either Stephen or I stays home with Colby and the other goes to church with Abs. She was so excited to go with someone else tonight. HA! Colby had a rough day for some reason. Not sure what his problem was/is. His right top front tooth cut through completely on Feb 1st, so that isn’t his issue. He does have a runny nose today, but I can’t imagine that is why he was so fussy. Anyway, gave him Tylenol, fed him, and he went right to sleep! Hopefully he’ll be better tomorrow!

We are heading to Houston tomorrow. I’m excited about seeing our friends there and having some other people to help with the kids for a few days. It will be nice to go back to the church that Stephen and I met at and attended as well. So many great people there! I haven’t been to visit since Abriella was around 10 months old, I believe.

Haven’t heard from Stephen in a couple of days. They were going to make a trip to the Taj Mahal which was going to be like a 3 hr plane ride and 4 hr drive after that. I think they were going to work on Tuesday, go Tuesday evening/night on the trip, go to the Taj on Wednesday and get back for work on Thursday. That was their only touristy thing they were going to be able to do while there. Anyway, Stephen said he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to get in touch with me while they were on that outing, and alas, I have not heard from him. We skyped him on Monday morning (night for him), and it was great to “see” him! Of course, Abriella didn’t understand that we couldn’t just “go to India” too, so she had no less than 2 crying episodes while we were talking to him. Poor girl!

Thankfully, the kids have been good for the last few days. That is definitely a blessing for me! I think it’s somewhat good for me to have Abriella without Daddy around every once in a while. I think maybe she realizes that she really does need Mommy too. When Daddy is around, I am pretty sure the child thinks I’m an unnecessary part of her life! She’s such a daddy’s girl!

Well, I will add some pictures, but then I need to start packing…yep, start! What else do I have to do after they go to bed anyway?!

February 2010

Have a great rest of the week!

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One Response to Wednesday

  1. becky says:

    Hey Girlie!

    I hope Colby gets to feeling better, especially with the trip to Houston on the horizon for Thursday!
    And I am just the same way, I save TOO MANY chores to do for after I put the kids down…that’s why I stay up till like 12 a.m. every night 🙂

    Safe travels!

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