Houston, House, 9 Months, Kids, and Daddy

This is just a mix of various topics. There are some pics, so those that don’t like reading (David and Janet), just skip to the pics if you don’t care what’s going on with us! 🙂

We had a great visit to Houston! The Clancy’s are such wonderful people! They fed us, entertained us, and were just fabulous company from Thursday to Sunday. I always enjoy visiting with them, and also enjoy going back to our church there. I really got to know a lot of people there, so I really enjoy going back as I totally feel at home there…like I never left! Abriella took to Danny like they were best of friends! She did that last time we visited (when she was about 10 months old), but it was simply amazing to see her go right to him as soon as we got there and sit in his lap! The girl loves male figures (and, I don’t mean that in a bad way). But, she totally takes to men, like Daddy, Danny, and Pappaw. Crazy. Anyway, I am pretty sure Danny and Susan were completely wiped out when we were heading out the door to come home! Kids do that to you! HA!

Houston Visit- Feb 2010

On Monday, we had Colby’s 9 month check-up. He turned 9 months on Saturday! Where has the time gone?! Seriously, I can’t believe he’s already 9 month! I haven’t taken his 9 month pic yet. We are still trying to catch up and have had a ton of things to do since we got back from Houston. I’m going to aim to get that taken care of tomorrow. He weighed in at 19 lbs 15 oz. I had a feeling he was hovering around 20 lbs. So, he’s definitely not chunking up quite as much now. That only put him in the 25th-50th percentile range–pretty much smack in the middle of that. He measured 27 1/2 inches, which is actually shorter than Abriella was at her 9 month. Uh oh! Although, that boy is terribly hard to measure. He won’t lay down–kept flexing his abs to sit up or turn over. The nurse and I had to wrestle him down to even attempt to get a measurement, so no telling how accurate that measurement was! Anyway, that put him right at 25%. Hope he doesn’t end up being short! Then, his head circumference was 45.2 cm (just over 17.5 inches), which put him smack dab at 50%. Maybe he won’t be a pinhead afterall! HA! Anyway, he checked out great! I’ll do his 9 month post after I get a pic taken.

On Monday afternoon, I had the pre-drywall orientation at the new house. Amanda came over with her 2 girls and hung out while my 2 napped so I could go to it. I really wish Stephen had been here for that, as he really would’ve enjoyed seeing everything before the sheet rock goes up, etc. I took lots of pictures and took some notes. We really have enjoyed working with this builder. The field manager is just the nicest man, too. Anyway, they have the electrical done, the plumbing done, insulation in the walls (not in ceilings yet as that is blown in), air duct work done. They are working on the brick and limestone. Yesterday it was pouring rain, so they had to stop everything. Today, I drove by again (but didn’t have the camera) and they had done a ton more on that. Oh, we also have a driveway now. Cool stuff. They will be doing the sheetrock this week, I believe. And, then next week, or maybe it was the next week, they will be putting cabinets in. I may go by this weekend with the kids and walk around inside again. As of now, the projected completion date is April 2nd, with a closing date of April 9th. Hoping it doesn’t change too much from that. We’re really excited!

House Progress – Taken Feb 8th, 2010

Stephen is doing well in India. He’s adjusted to the time change. We talk to him on Skype every day now. The Clancy’s even had Skype as one of their sons is a missionary in Peru, so they talk to him that way. So, 3 of the 5 of Stephen’s company flew back on Sunday, so only Stephen and Jeremiah (the developers) remain. They are getting lots of great work done with the Indian team. They work different hours there. They get started a little later in the morning (after 9 or 9:30, I believe), but then they work until 7:30 or later at night. So, after they eat dinner, they just head back to their hotel. He has decided to go much easier on the Indian cuisine though. He thought it was good at first, but then his tummy started screaming! So, he has laid off of it quite a bit (and dipped into his suitcase stash of foods he took along), and he’s feeling a bit better. He is so ready to be back home though! And, we are ready for him to be home, too! Praying Sunday night comes quickly!

The kids have been great though. Abriella really has been good lately. I’m really proud of her. It makes it so much easier when the kids cooperate! She has said some really cute things lately. The one that just totally melted my heart was on Sunday night when she was in her bath. She looked at me and said, “I want to be just like you, Mommy.” I said, “Oh?” She replied, “Yes! I want to be like Danny, and Susan, and Daddy, and You!” So sweet! Tonight, she said it again. “I’m gonna be just like you, Mommy. And, Daddy, and Danny, and Susan!” So sweet. I told her that I hoped she was even better than me and that I wanted her to be like Jesus. She said, “Yes!…I LOVE God!” And, I told her (as we often do) that God loved her! It was a proud mommy moment. And, we always tell her, “I love you,” which she usually responds to with an “uh huh.” Well, the last few days, she’s been replying with, “I love you, too, Mommy.” And, she says it over and over. I love it! I think I may just keep her!

She also says some other funny things. The other day, I put some of her hair in a rubberband, as I always do before going to school or church. She said, “I’m sooo pretty.” (which is what we always say to her!). I told her she definitely was. Then, she continued…”I look just like a pony.” HAHA!! You know, ponytail….! Cracked me up!

I also keep failing to remember to put this one down. She’s done this one for a while. She does really well at figuring out different speech patterns on her own. Well one that she made up is “amn’t.” For example: “Abriella, are you done with your applesauce?” Response: “No. I amn’t.”

Also, another one that made me laugh last week. She was in her bath and I told her that she had preschool the next day. She said, “We’re having a party!” I reminded her that her Valentine’s Day party wasn’t until the next week. She replied, “Oh. yes. We’ll eat donuts.” I told her I wasn’t sure they’d have donuts, but maybe cookies. Her reply, “Oh. Yes. I will teach them how to eat cookies!” HAHA! Atta girl! Make your mama proud!

Ok, that’s all for tonight. I’m sure David and Janet have not gotten this far. I always test them by adding these statements at the end. They really do miss out on some cute stuff, if I do say so myself! Pictures aren’t everything! Well, have a great hump day!

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  1. Mom/Grandma says:

    Love to hear Abriella’s conversations! She is so smart! Glad you all enjoyed the trip to Houston!

  2. Rebecca says:

    I’m so glad that everything is going so well. Stephen will be home before you know it. I’m glad that you have such great friends to go hang out with!

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