9 Months

So, I finally got a picture for Colby’s 9 month chair picture. It was only 4 days late, so I figure it’s ok! I’ll do the pics first, in ascending order, starting at 1 month.

Amazing how he’s grown! Usually he’s smiling in these pictures, but this time, anytime he was smiling, he was probably going over the side or the front! Like this…

or, this one…which you couldn’t really tell how he’s grown because of his stance…

or, this silly one…

And, here’s the thumb-sucking one…

the toy prop…

and, the finger in mouth…

And, I was snapping them quickly and trying to make sure to be close enough to catch him should he go over the side or front, and he’s fast! Last month, he actually did go over the side. Did I forget to mention that?? 🙂 So, anyway, what is the Colbster up to now?

* TROUBLE!! He is nothing but trouble as far as getting into EVERYTHING!! He has a radar for things that he’s NOT supposed to get in to, and he crawls FAST to get there, so I am always trying to be on my toes. All boy, I say, all boy!

* Dangerous in the bathtub! Loves to stand up on the side and hang over and beat the outside of the tub with his hand. One day, he actually leaned over so far that he would’ve fallen completely over and onto his head had I not been there. Mercy!

* Just smiles if you say “No” to him. Uggh. However, if you do say it REALLY MEAN AND LOUD, sometimes, he’ll actually start crying! Pitiful! However, he will still go back to whatever you told him no about as soon as he composes himself!

* Sits, crawls, stands, cruises, rolls…Pulls up on anything and everything. And, I say “pulls up” but really he just has the object there to touch. He doesn’t really pull up at all, but rather uses it for balance as he stands. Strong booger.

* Says mama, dada (only a few times), da (all the time), babababa, and numerous other sounds. Favorite time to talk is when he’s supposed to be eating to go down for a nap or in the middle of the night.

*Nosy! Always wants to know what everyone else is doing. Ok, I guess I should say he’s “curious” to be more positive about this!

* PULLS HAIR still! It’s a little ridiculous. I don’t know what to do about it. His sister and I are going to be bald at this rate!

* Has perfected his “I’m dying” cry in his crib. When we do go in there, he laughs and there is not a single tear on his face! Stinker!

* Has 4 teeth (2 on top, 2 on bottom). He has been testing them out lately on my shoulder! Uggh!

* Since the whole teething thing and now with a yucky runny nose, he’s been back to waking a few times at night. Usually, no more than 2 times. And, that is in a 12-14 hr period. If he continues this after he’s better, there will probably be some tough love to make it no more than 1 time a night. We’ll see.

* Does well with solids for the most part, but still does his crying thing sometimes. Every once in a while, I totally skip solids for a day to give him a break. Today was one of those break days. He doesn’t mind at all. All his nutrition comes from breastmilk still anyway. He does love to eat crackers, cheerios, puffs, and whatever else that you let him feed to himself.

* Still all breastmilk. He nurses 4-6 times in a 24 hr period.

* Still early bedtime and 2 naps a day.

* Stats were on previous post. He wears 12 month clothes and a few 18 month clothes, but those are still a bit big on him.

* HATES to have his clothes or diaper changed! He does not want to lay down! Crying, kicking, arching, turning over…ridiculous. That is why he stays in sleepers most days. I just hate fighting with him for clothes at this point! And, he takes naps in sleepers because if I put him in something with socks, he pulls the socks off and plays with those/chews on them/throws them out of the crib, etc, rather than take a nap. They just provide him more entertainment than anything, so footed sleepers it is. (Also why his pic this month was taken in a sleeper).

* Still loves to be WITH mommy if he has a choice. Still has his klingon days…absolutely happy as can be IF you are holding him! Lugging 20 lbs around is a workout though!

* Is such a sweet baby though! He generally is very good natured and loves to be with other people. He doesn’t cry with strangers at this point. He’ll go to anyone. He also loves to play with other kids. He’s more social in that regard than his sister is. At playgroup, he’ll just crawl out into the middle of the gym at church and just look at the kids and loves it when other kids get down on his level and talk to him. He also loves to go up to other babies his age and get right in their face and look at them, like “how you doing?”

Love, love, love this boy! I can’t believe he’s 3/4 of the way to a year! These months have absolutely flown by! Can’t wait to see how he continues to grow and change each day! Happy 9 months, buddy!

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2 Responses to 9 Months

  1. Mom/Grandma says:

    That’s my boy! Love reading about what’s going on with him! Just wondering when he is going to take off walking.

  2. becky says:

    I have really enjoyed reading your sweet comments on the blog, thanks for visiting me 🙂

    I too hope that the guys will have a quick, safe, and UNeventful trip home! I was laughing when I read your story about Colby and the toliet, our little neighbor friend’s son does this A LOT. She keeps her bathroom doors locked at home, but he manages to find the potties at other people’s houses and GOES TO TOWN!

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