Colby has SIX teeth, not four! So, as I mentioned, his night waking, shoulder biting, and fussiness have been noteworthy lately. I just figured after he cut his 2nd top front tooth on the 1st that we’d be free of teething for a little while. Wrong! Today, I actually got a look in his mouth, and was shocked to see 2 more teeth! He has the teeth on either side of his top 2 front teeth too! The one on his left looks like it has been there for about a week. Probably cut through while we were in Houston. The one on his right looks like it probably just cut through, like maybe last night or today. So, THAT’S why he’s been acting the way he has! He has cut his 4 top teeth in less than 3 weeks!  Poor guy!

One other thing I forgot to mention about him on my previous post is that he also enjoys water from places other than his bath! While we were in Houston, I had taken Abriella to the potty, and Colby was with us too. It’s always a party in the bathroom with little ones! So, they have a big bathroom, and I had just sat Colby on the floor to crawl around while I helped Abriella. We were in the process of washing her hands when I looked towards the toilet and realized that the boy was standing at the potty, with his hand IN it, splashing the water!! GROSS!!! I was completely disgusted!! We NEVER had that problem with Abriella! So, of course, I quickly grabbed him up (and, he even tried to stay by holding onto the potty seat! ewww!) and I thoroughly washed his hands!! Thankfully, we had at least already flushed, but potties are just not that clean no matter what! We will be making sure the potty lids are closed when not in use, and definitely keeping the doors to the bathrooms closed from now on!

So, I will add some pictures from the last few days. Abriella had her Valentine’s Day party at preschool yesterday. She’d been looking forward to it for 2 weeks! I’m not sure it completely lived up to her expectations, but the candy that she received probably was worth it to her! I, of course, dressed her up to be an explosion of Valentine’s Day. The red shoes made their comeback from Halloween! She was so cute! It also amazes me how long her hair is getting! Her pigtails are so much longer than they were just a couple of months ago!

We are on the final countdown to daddy coming home! He’s on his Saturday morning now. His flight leaves India at 1:50am on Sunday. Then, he’s due to arrive in Killeen right before 7pm on Sunday, so by the time he gets his luggage and gets back home, it will probably be after 8pm. They’ll be traveling for 28 1/2 hours or so. It will be one long Valentine’s Day for him! Someone else is supposed to pick him and Jeremiah up. I will probably keep Abriella up past her bedtime to see him. We’re so excited to see him! Abriella is really starting to miss him, as the last few days, she’s been “waking up” crying for her daddy! This morning, she was crying, “I need to see my daddy. Yes, I do!” Poor thing! I didn’t go to her as it was still pretty early, and she did go back to sleep. So, she may not even know she’s doing it.  We are anxious to see him! Praying for safe travels, all connections met, and Daddy home healthy and intact!

Ok, enjoy the pictures!

February 2010

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Mom/Grandma says:

    Colby’s affinity for water reminds me of Cassandra, your foster sister. She always wanted to dip her toys in the potty! I had to keep the lid down and the door shut!

  2. Amanda says:

    I love the potty story. Collin is mesmerized by the toilet too, maybe it’s a boy thing!

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